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At the beginning of this year, in a conversation with several people from the auto industry, I announced my plans to turn BMWBLOG into one, if not, the most important blogs out there, of course, in regards to our dear bimmer cars. I’m not sure how many of them believed in my words, especially coming from a small blog started by a single person. But what they might have underestimated were my skills, knowledge and most important, PASSION.

So, three weeks ago, after months of planning, development and more usability planning, we released the BMWBLOG 2.0, the second generation of our blog design, more than a facelift as we initially called it. The positive responses were overwhelming and it made us very happy, mostly because this design was all about YOU, our readers and an increase in the overall experience.

But since I had even bigger plans for this year, I couldn’t just stop here, so decided to push the blog even further. So what could have been the best next step? Well, once again, turning the blog into a one-stop shop for all your BMW news, photos and now, RESOURCES.

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That’s how the BMWBLOG Directory was born.

So go ahead and ask, I know you’re thinking about it, many of our friends have already asked: what’s so special about our directory? Let’s break it down so I can clearly definite its scope:

  1. It was built for you – It’s a section where all the BMW fans, our readers or people that don’t even read us, can come and find a wide range of businesses that focus around the BMW vehicles, from BMW dealerships, repair shops, tuning services and aftermarket parts, to performance driving schools, wheels/tires, audio experts and many more. This way, when we post about some of the latest mods or engine upgrades or Night Vision Cameras, at the same time, we can point you into the right direction without having to email us and ask for an advice, which sometimes we might not even have. We made it easy, convenient, built in within the blog, one click a way.
  2. It was built for advertisers as well – How many general auto blogs you know out there? Raise your hands….10, 11, 12? Yes, maybe even more than that. For you as an advertiser can be difficult to target the right people, readers or car fans. Truth is that not everyone that reads a major auto blog is a BMW fan and your banners or services might be overlooked, but what if your advertising campaign can target the right group? That’s right, the bimmer group where we all share the same interests  and passion, and most important, we are willing to spend money on our cars, since….you all know how much we love BMWs. Bottom line is that we made it easy for you, we will give you a simple platform where you can advertise your services, display marketing campaigns or offer discounts and coupons for our members. And the beauty of all this, you know exactly what the demographic is…..

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Now let me attack another future question: why the monthly membership cost? For two simple reasons:

  1. We had the option to go with an yearly membership rate, in the end, many other websites do so. But we decided to go either month-to-month or at maximum six months payment since we would like to constantly make sure that these companies are still in business and AVAILABLE for you. What’s the point of having a company listed there if in a few months from now, they won’t be in business anymore?!
  2. Any respectable auto related business will agree that $19.99 a month is a more than fair price of advertising their services and reaching out to the right audience. Once again, our goal is to connect your business with our readers, it’s a WIN-WIN situation for everyone and we’re simply just facilitators.

And to show you how serious we are about this directory, we will check every application individually by visiting their website, asking more questions about their services and what value can it bring to our directory. Our goal is to accumulate quality data in the directory rather than just quantity and to us, that’s the clear path to the success of this project.

To make this even more useful and transparent, we have added the option to allow everyone to express their opinion or past experience with that company through a commenting and a business rating system.

As I said, it’s all about making this connection and providing useful, unique resources.

If you’re a business and would like to contact us or add your company profile to our directory, please click here.

I hope you will appreciate the value of this new add-on to our blog and I promise you that we won’t stop here. Next week, the BMWBLOG community will really come together, you just have to trust me on this!

As usual, comments, concerns, feel free to post here or simply email us!

Thank you again for all your support, it is GREATLY appreciate it!