Peter Trepp, the first man to take delivery of the MINI E vehicle, has a prepared a review of the electric MINI after a week of use.

The first question that comes through everyone’s mind is “How does it drive? Is the handling acceptable?” In our first test drive we mentioned that with its 200 horsepower and the lack of differential shifting and revving stages, the Mini gives you instant power from any speed and it rolls off the front-wheels quite fast. We also said that we felt the Mini E has more torque steer than a regular Mini Cooper.

Well, Peter seems to agree with us, “Virtually everyone I’ve taken for a test drive comes back feeling like they just stepped off a roller coaster with that “can we go again?” look on their face.” Again, the MINI Cooper S and high-torque electric motor seem to do the job.

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What about handling? Is it up to the MINI standards? ” Lateral motion (e.g. cornering) is much like any well-tuned sports car – tight and fun”, says Peter and that is something we experienced in our L.A test drive (okay, minus the part where we “stalled” the engine while cornering hard).Also, Peter mentions that “Once you are above 20 mph or so, however, the MINI E is responsive in ways that you don’t expect”.

Aren’t you surprised so far? Did you expect any less?

Peter also experienced the same differences in acceleration and braking that we noticed during our own test: “While you can brake by just slamming the pedals, the Mini E will quickly slow down if you let go the gas pedal, in contrast with the slowly coast to a stop in a gas or diesel powered car. It did feel weird for a few moments since the car will not keep its momentum of inertia and I was in a constant fear that someone behind will hit me.”

And here is what Peter discovered: “…… I almost never touch the brake pedal. I have had to reprogram my brain to stop my foot from moving to the brake pedal every time I need to slow down, but I have done it. Not only does it now seem natural, I believe it is a safer way to drive allowing for quicker response times in traffic.”

One of the main concerns that consumers had was related to the driving range, advertised by MINI at 156 miles. Based on Peter’s current driving habits, he is able to reach 95-100 miles on a full charge.

That’s all we have for now, but we’re looking forward to more updates from the first man to lease a MINI E. Alternatively, you can always bookmark his blog for more information.

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Edit: MSNBC Interview with Peter