X, Y, Z Series: So, what’s Y Series and where could it fit?

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What started last week as a simple rumor, it turned out today to be more than just that. According to sources close to BMW, the …

What started last week as a simple rumor, it turned out today to be more than just that. According to sources close to BMW, the company is indeed exploring this idea and looking to vizualize where such model will fit in. The Y models could become a hybrid of two other popular series: the sports activity X vehicles and the sporty, dynamic Z roadsters.

Since many of you left comments yesterday inquiring more about this rumored Y1 model, we had to do some digging and once again, Scott from GCZ, comes to shed some light.  After reading his short description of “what, where and why”, the Y Series sounds pretty damn good to us. Sure, it’s still a long shot and the project might get squashed as many other before, but hey…allow us to be excited for a moment. And that excitement also comes from the fact that the auto industry is changing, evolving and innovating.

We know that changes are tough, harsh on people and most of the time rejected, but we have to look forward to the future and the way we look at cars, or even how we use them.

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BMW X Coupe Concept featured here

The X series identifies the range of Sport Activity Vehicles , such as X5 , X3 , X6 and very soon the X1.
The Z series identifies the range of Sporting Roadsters namely the Z4 but in the future the Z2.
Where does Y come into play.

It has been identified that certain customers were looking for something more sporting with their SAV’s, Which although the liked the X5 there was something missing in regards to how the X5 was anonymous in concept along with the X5’s competitors. One shape for each marque which brought the question for the purpose of the X6 The Worlds first Sport Activity Coupe.

Even after the introduction of the BMW X6 some customers have been identified who might want a bit more identity and creativity with a Sport Activity Coupe. Something with two doors rather than three an interesting new concept of Sport Activity Coupe which would be dynamic , lighter and more personal as a smaller Sport Activity Coupe.

Identified as a Concept and a creative idea. The Y series aims to be the hybrid of an X with the aura of a Z model. By being based within the the 1er portfolio BMW can be very cost efficient with an entirely new concept of car . First proposals showcase a small sedan like coupe shape with a raised driving position but not to much ground clearence. The Glasshouse is very shallow with a glass solar roof that will in theory retract down to the rear windshield offering a wide open Targa style roof.
Solar technology will be introduced on the next generation 1er as an Efficient Dynamics feature.

When it was shown , many recoiled in horror but in truth the DNA of the BMW Xcoupe Concept can be found in not only both incarnations of the Z4 Roadster but also the BMW X6. The idea of a combination of an X vehicle with the looks of a small coupe or roadster has been very much on the agenda since the Xcoupe was unveiled. Strictly billed as a niche model , not a volume model would help the Y create a key market as a unique unconventional choice as seen with the X6.

Although strictly as a two seater , the interior will be very sport orientated and feature such materials such as neoprene and synthetic shark skin type stretched materials like a zepplin shell over an all aluminum dashboard and the structure of the two seats..

In the future BMW will set out to gain focus on such a idea with a design concept in the near future, Ii the idea is well received then expect to see the Y on the roads in a few years time. For now it is a proposal of creativity.

And more thoughts on this:

We have identified customers who are interested in the Sports Activity Coupe Concept with more attention to compact and sportyness rather than a large coupe. It is here the Y1 will succeed because of it’s intentions it’s a hybrid of the X and Z series it wont be as raised as a conventional BMW SAV but it will have the looks of a Z series meaning strictly for two but with a very dynamic looking appearence.

Many have always liked the idea of a Xcoupe , but marketing were pushing for a larger premium models. The Y will strictly become a member of the 1er family .
BMW have now seen the need for expansion in your smaller , compact segment , because we are at the stage certainly in the current economic climate where downsizing is frequent and after the economic climate passes customers both old and new will be look for exciting more compact cars.
We have to think about the future and what will happen to the SAV? Y1 is an interpretaion of how we can think along those lines , new customers will evolve and want more versatility in their cars , these are future customers that today are being instructed on the environmental effect in regards to hybrids and electric powered automobiles.

Y1 will be a very dynamic car to drive and is purely aimed at young customers. As part of the next phase of Efficient Dynamics – Solar roofs will be featured to enable areas of the car to be regenerated. The Y1 will get a unique sliding Targa roof that will provide maximum exposure for the passenger compartment .

There are customers for every type of vehicle BMW offers . Even though the media claimed the X6 was a step too far we have proven them wrong and have outfooted our competitors but we know that in Design studios at Audi , Porsche and Mercedes-Benz they have there own interpretations of a Sport Activity Coupe ready to go and when things get clearer economically they will come to light.
There are customers for the 5er GT as there will be a customer base for the X1 plus there will still be customers for core models such as the 3er , 5er and so on.

Xcoupe always had a future but at BMW we like things to progress slowly we like to understand and we like to showcase creativity for the customer.
Everything begins with a clean sheet of paper but are never rushed , ideas that mature longer . We did say in 2001 that you will see this car on the road sometime in the future. Now almost a decade later that future is almost here.