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5 Series GT | June 5th, 2009 by 12
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After the official revealing, the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is out in the open and cruising down the Munich streets. While the official marketing …

After the official revealing, the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is out in the open and cruising down the Munich streets. While the official marketing photos were all about the gold and blueish colors, the test car spotted by Carscoop is sporting the beautiful Alpine White paint.

We never thought we would say this, but the 5 Series GT looks better on public roads that in those marketing photos. The car definitely has an impressive stance, road presence and it absolutely stands out. Of course, some of us are just not cut for this car and it will be difficult to accept it, but it definitely has its place in the BMW line-up and we are willing to bet that it will do just fine.

Now what else is new with the GT? Well, beside the fact that it has a brand new engine, the N55, a twin-scroller turbocharger which features for the first time High Precision Injection and variable VALVETRONIC.

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In the U.S., the first model launched will be the 550i GT and a few months behind it, an xDrive version will be offered as well. The 550i Gran Turismo will launch in the fourth quarter of this year as a 2010 model. The base price is expected to be between $65,000-$70,000.

The 5 Series Gran Turismo is also the first four-door/sedan BMW to have frameless doors, a feature available at this point only on the Coupe and Convertible models. The famous Hofmeister Kink gets a new form and it appears in “6-window” (3 windows per side) form in the rear quarter windows aft of the rear doors.

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Inside, BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo supports variable seating accommodations where the 4-seater configuration can turned into a 5-passenger cabin. The entire instrument cluster is “in a high-resolution Black Panel display, in which four classic circular instruments are most prominent; other driving-relevant displays and readouts.

Many new other things developed recently by BMW made their way into the 5 GT, technologies like the Integrated Chassis Management and FlexRay. Other electronic equipment available on the new 7 Series, will also be found in the 5 Gran Turismo.

In conclusion, judging by the photos above, the GT might actually grow on us, but we will tell you more in about a month or so, after we will see it live.

[Source: Carscoop ]

12 responses to “White BMW 5 Series GT spotted”

  1. Giom says:

    Must admit, it does look rather superb on the real world streets.

  2. Vaybach Khan says:

    it looks sick ,just imagine it in live…this is bmw response to merc r classe,but from bmw point of view…im wondering ,if i could ,which one should i buy x6 or this one…mmm just beautiful..id buy them bout :) but im waiting for 3gt or 6 gt to become my favorite….

  3. Parker Despain says:

    I feel the same way. Like the X6 in marketing pictures just didnt work out, and in life it works. I think the 5GT will be much better looking in person.

  4. The Lee says:

    Looks like an X6 with lowering springs to me…

    Not a fan, personally. It’s not the worst-looking car I’ve seen from BMW, but it’s not exactly drool-worthy either.

    It doesn’t look bad from the front/side/angle shots, but that rear hatch completely ruins it for me. If they’d have made the portion around the roundel glass, it would look damn-close to a Pontiac Aztek from the rear (not a compliment by any stretch of the imagination).

  5. Eric says:

    Like this version with Shadowline and big wheels much better than any press photos. It’s humongous, but doesn’t look as grotesque as an X6.

  6. Gil says:

    That does look very pretty….

  7. Tibby says:

    Is like a smaller X6…doesn’t look very nice at the back.

  8. BMfan says:

    It will likely end up a head-turner like the X6.

  9. jon H says:

    its weird. I saw it about a week and a half ago when i was prowling the BMW NA pakring lots in woodcliff lake nj in a friends boxster. i couldnt get my phone out in time but soon enough…

  10. Josh B says:

    The only BMW i really dont see the point in
    I am not a hardcore old school enthusiast (im 16)
    but i do love my BMW’s, the X5/6M, awsome idea
    My dad has the new 750Li and mum a 6-series convertible
    This GT is weird,
    its it looks good in a weird way but i would never have one!
    Would anyone here like one?
    Sure it seems very luxuries, which is anoying for 7-series clients,
    as it seems like the interior is much the same for less$$,
    but its just weird! its just plain weird. No Wow factor, no Cool factor…..

  11. Paul whitfield says:

    Just seen a blue bmw 5gt, in leeds, it had the badges removed for some strange reason (not hard to guess the make with the trademark grill and badges in centre of wheels) it looks like a cheap copy of an x6, i originally thought it was kia or hyundai attempt at big luxury car. Not nice hope the 5 series does not look this in a few years.

  12. Dennis Mcc says:

    Looks Soooo much better in white than that copper color.

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