Photoshop: What could have been the BMW M7 or 7 Series GT

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Let me start first by explaining the ambiguous, double meaning title. First of all, in the past few years, there have been several reports pointing …

Let me start first by explaining the ambiguous, double meaning title. First of all, in the past few years, there have been several reports pointing to an imminent BMW model: the M7. Even though BMW has never official spoken of this upscale Motorsport luxury sedan, fans across the world were hoping to see on in the future.

Even more recently, when a photo of a BMW 7 Series sporting a future M Sport Package appeared on the internet, many BMW fans and auto journalists jumped to the false conclusion that we are looking at the all-mighty M7. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Second, I will share a little secret with you. BMW indeed had some plans of building a more luxurious, sporty 7 Series, but the final product would have carried the Gran Turismo badge, a vehicle derived from the canceled CS Concept, a vehicle highly regretted by all of us.

bmw m71 655x491

The 7 Series GT would have been BMW’s flagship, the ONE model that many of the pessimistic BMW fans would have embraced it without a doubt. Unfortunately…again, BMW scrapped out that project in favor of a future 6 Series GT, a “progression” of a sports coupe vehicle which will be the first BMW coupe with a hatchback and four doors.

When Rendy Alfonso from Modtor contacted me to share with us his own interpretation of the BMW M7, I figured you might be interested in seeing it. While the overall size and shape of the car is the one of a 7 Series, the front-end reminds me of the CS mixed in with the Z4, so that’s when I decided to add the 7 Series GT portion to this article’s title. The idea was mostly to talk a bit about the “never born” 7 GT.

Overall, not a bad rendering, even though the front-end is almost identical with the new BMW Z4, wait… really is the same. But hey, let’s let Rendy share with us and see what you think.

P.S In my personal opinion, the front-end of the new 7 is perfect the way it is and the high-end performance model which will be added later this year, it really is beautiful.

12 responses to “Photoshop: What could have been the BMW M7 or 7 Series GT”

  1. Wow this is probably the best render of a M7. I like the Z4 front it’s makes the 7 much more sporty, but elegant. We only need some fenders :) and we’re done.

  2. P.wong says:

    beautifully rendering lol,

  3. Lev says:

    Why do you insist on fabricating news

    First time and last time visitor,


  4. Giom says:

    I think the Z4 front end will make any car look good. But I too agree that the seven series looks just right.

  5. Gord says:

    The wide Z4 grille works really well with the new 7 series/

  6. Lance says:

    If only this was the enw 7 series’s front… It would have been best looking car in its class!!! Instead we currently have an ugly pig face! BMW’s Adrian is insane!

    Also, this car looks elegant rather than sporty, just the class act that a 7 Series should have! Not a PIG nostril ugly presence that BMW is trying to get. WAKE UP ADRIAN!

  7. Josh B says:

    Would have really loved too see an M7.
    Its my dream car.
    My dad just took delivery of the new 750Li and it really is an amazing car!
    Its power is just something else and its looks (re-lance) are amazing as well.
    The pictures do not do the 7 series just,
    Its shape and attension to detail is really something else and a big improvement over the last generation 7 series. I was not a BMW fan at all, i was a mad Merc man,
    But lately i honestly feel BMW are bringing the best cars to the market in the high end market.
    My dad had an S500 on order when it was first intorduced a few years back, trading his E-class for it. He didnt like the car at all and bought a 745Li individual. and my mum traded her CLK for a 6-series convertible. BMW have really stepped it up with their new model range. I am now a proud BMW fan.
    Shame their is no M7, now that would have been a car!!!!!!
    (btw is anyone else impressed with the 760’s performance figures??
    0-100 Km/h in 4.5!!!! what??, that’s as fast as any M car on sale)!!

  8. I so wish BMW would build the M7 it would be a sales success over night. With the new M division v8 twin turbo fitted to the x6M and x5M installed into the 7, it would have out standing performance and handling, with all the luxury the 7 series has to offer. Please BMW do what we all want give us the M7.

  9. Jerome vet says:

    The render looks nice , but there are a few mistakes. because bmw would never put de z4 grill onto a 7series. i think it would be more like the original concept CS.
    but less extreem. :D still the render has no sport kit , nice render though!

  10. bmwfan says:

    m7 OF COURSE!!!!!!!!

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