Week 3: “BMW of the Week”

Others | May 30th, 2009 by 17
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Being busy with the new blog redesign, we neglected our “BMW Of The Week” initiative, but don’t worry, we’re back and planning on continuing to do this from now on. We are still committed to build one of the largest BMW Photo Gallery, so your cooperation and help will be greatly appreciate it. Remember, all you have to do is to head over to our BMWBLOG Flickr Group and upload some photos of your bimmer, your mother’s car, friends, you name it…

To make things even more interesting, every week a BMW will be chosen from the photo gallery and featured as Car of The Week. The way we choose it varies from the best looking bimmer, best photography, best modding to even the most weird  modification ever done to a BMW, which brings us to this weeks’ winner.

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A heavily modded, tuned up BMW E36 drew our attention and the car featured here, has definitely went through a “serious surgery”, besides being even more lowered, this E36 gets a new hood design with air vents, a more aggressive bumper and a total new design on the sides.

Add to this the custom wheels and especially, the new interior with LCD screens in the headrest, new steering wheel and blue colored trim all around, and you get a BMW that …..doesn’t really look like a BMW anymore.

Why did we choose this car? One, because it’s different and two, just to show you one more time the amount of “craziness” (in a good way) that BMW owerns have.

Thank you Roland Gheorghiu for uploading these photos and many others to the Flickr Group.