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bmw 3er gt rendering

With the introduction of the BMW 5 Series GT, BMW can now move forward with their plans of building a Gran Turismo version of the …

With the introduction of the BMW 5 Series GT, BMW can now move forward with their plans of building a Gran Turismo version of the popular 3 Series models.

The PAC, Progressive Activity Coupe or V3, as it is known internally, is expected to based on long-wheel base 3 Series. The Progressive Activity Coupe has a higher roof when compared to the existing 3 Series Wagon and of course, a longer wheelbase as well.

The idea of a PAC vehicle is that the little less wealthy 3er customers might find 5 Series too expensive, X3 too big, therefore, the 3 Series GT can be desired solution.

bmw 3er gt rendering 655x396

BMW 3 Series GT Rendering

When questioned about the new 3 Series GT and how the the worldwide financial crisis had affected plans for this model, BMW CEO Dr. Reithofer said, “We haven’t canceled the development project for a crossover off the 3-series because it is considered a volume builder with which we can earn good money.” So, in other words, it’s coming!

In a recent post, Scott27, member of GCZ, has some new details on the 3er GT:

We call it Progressive Activity Coupe – because of the way the roof slopes down at the rear but instead of a larger glass area as in a Touring, we have an additional quarter light and a wrap around tailgate the rear end is a combination of Touring and a shooting brake . The 3 GT will not feature the flexible trunk arrangement instead settling for a traditional trunk to which aid the flexibility of the GT you will be able to lift the glass area for easy storage and then have full use of a tailgate as you would have in an SAV or Touring.

Because 3 GT will be in a smaller segment compared to the 5er it will share some personalization features such as optional bench or individual seating , and a very personal approach to luxury.
Because of the segment of the 3 GT the car will be very dynamic to drive it is best seen as an alternative to a Touring – Like the 5er GT it is all about making a statement and making cars very personal to the customer.

The engine range will include the latest six cylinder turbo as found in the GT and the latest six cylinder diesel , additional petrol and diesels will include BMW‘s upcoming four cylinder Turbocharged petrol engine and the four cylinder diesel.

3er GT will also receive an optional full length Panoramic roof that will stretch from the front windscreen to the rear screen increasing the space on offer .
Based upon the new cost-efficient architecture that will be seen underneath the 1er and 3er that can be stretched and shrunk by being modular and flexible to whatever car requires it. The GT will be based on a slightly longer next generation 3er platform .

Prototypes using 3er Touring bodies and X1 facias have already begun testing the major componentry . With first prototypes carrying heavily disguised bodies to begin testing this September similar to the 5er GT in September 2007. When the time approaches BMW will no doubt showcase the 3er GT as a Concept.

If we were to draw a conclusion from all these details, it would the fact that we’re seeing a clear indication on how BMW would like to turn the 3GT into a high-volume seller car, rather than a niche-focused model as the 5 Series GT. Offering a wide range of engines will make the car appeal to multiple markets and customers, implicitly more opportunities to sell the car to different people.

So, whatever we like it or not, BMW is serious about extending their market share and creating new car segments. Will this be the best approach for the future? Time will tell….

[Source: GCZ ]