Warning!! It might hurt your eyes: Gold BMW M5

BMW M5 | May 24th, 2009 by 19
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Well, we have seen a lot of strange things posted on our blog in the last few years, right? I mean, we saw an orange …

Well, we have seen a lot of strange things posted on our blog in the last few years, right? I mean, we saw an orange painted M5 and a wannabe BMW, but have you ever seen a gold plated M5? I didn’t think so….neither did we.

So this gold plated BMW M5 was spotted on the roads of Moscow and quite frankly, it simply makes my head spinning just by looking at it. The  car has been creating a lot of buzz all over the web, some believe it’s an insult to a BMW car, others, more extravagant, like the show off look of this car and the yellow shine that makes it stand out.

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Hopefully this one won’t be carjacked like the gold plated Porsche in Moscow last year.

As far as I myself, if I were to own a beautiful, classy M5, I think I will just leave it the way it is, no need to modify a car that has all it needs.

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19 responses to “Warning!! It might hurt your eyes: Gold BMW M5”

  1. Frederico Silva says:


  2. Frederico Silva says:

    it is the real gold?

  3. VeryBold says:

    Eww, i am sorry but that’s not a good color for a bmw.

  4. Buitaro H. says:


  5. Gord says:

    Has anybody ever used white gold to plate their BMW ? I don’t think that would look half bad, and the owner can can still show his/her wealth.

  6. Bogdan says:

    OOOooo yesss nice i have see’t at http://automotorclub.com/articole-2009/bmw-m5-placat-cu-aur-in-rusia/index.html

    is like a new gangstar car .. and is not gold … is crome gold painting

  7. Monte_Cristo says:

    and matte black wheels? hmmm

  8. samK says:

    Money can’t buy you taste. :(

  9. Muhammad Suhail says:

    This design & model of BMW M5 deserved a gold plating. I too would have done the same thing. I get emotional when I see this 5 series car, the new 2011 design is not as sensual or curvy as the previous model. I shall remember this BMW M5 till my death. The owner of this gold plated car has shown how much he loves his car and how much he can spend to show his love. I appreciate his work. Its worth it.

  10. Muhammad Suhail says:

    The front grill should have been of platinum with diamond embedded on the borders, that would almost complete the job, I guess.

  11. Horst says:

    Hello from Jeddah, Saudi-Arabia.
    Think, what happened to me this morning? A gold BMW M5 stood beside my rented Toyota Yaris in front of our hotel. If I could choose…
    This one had black window frames, the front I don’t know and black wheels like the russian one. Shoot, I didn’t had my photo. But from now on I’ll take it with me, wherever I will go in Saudi Arabia to get a photo and to proof I’m true.

  12. Russia says:

    its russian Eric Davidich owned vinyl-gold car. he has also x5M vinyl-gold…and MB G55, black/white vinyl :D 

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