With the risk of overloading you with all these BMW 5 Series GT related information, we still need to continue reporting our findings on this latest BMW model and also, to dig deeper into all the technical specifications we’re receiving. Yesterday we talked about the three different engine offerings to choose from in the 5 GT line-up, but many of you requested to see things like dimensions, weight, fuel consumption or emission levels.

The 5 Series models will be available with both gasoline and diesel engines, starting with the turbo inline-six 3.0 liter diesel engine which outputs 245 horsepower. The award-winning engine from the 335i or the 535i sedan made its way into the line-up as well. The high-end 550i GT is powered by the V8 twin-turbo 4.4 liter engine producing 407 horsepower.

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One concern that many BMW fans always had, was the overall weight of these new vehicles that keep adding more technologies to them and becoming larger in size. BMW announced that the 535i GT weighs 4,277 lbs (1,940 kg), the diesel version, 530d GT,  4,321 lbs (1,960 kg) and the 550i GT, 4,542 lbs (2,060 kg).

As a comparison, the 2009 BMW 535i Wagon has a curb weight of 4,145 lbs (1,880 kg).

There are many more technical specs on the photos below, so feel free to scan through them.