BMW testing the platform of the next 2012 3 Series

Spy Photos | May 21st, 2009 by 3
bmw serie 3 2010 spyshot blogautomobilefr

BMW continues to test the platform of the next generation 3 Series scheduled to launch in 2012. The new platform is developed under the internal name F35 and it will entirely different from the current E9x line-up. As expected but not welcomed by some BMW fans, the next generation 3 Series will have longer wheelbase and wider body as well.

The final design has been recently chosen from all of the proposals and according to our sources, it is a revolutionary model which will take the high-volume seller 3er to a new level.  Unfortunately, we are still a year away from the time the first 2012 3 Series prototypes will hit the road for testing, so we won’t know much until then.

bmw serie 3 2010 spyshot blogautomobilefr 498x229

What we do know for now is that BMW is intensively testing the platform installed on an E90 bodystyle and according to the photographer, the car has indeed a longer wheelbase. We have also learned recently that the Progressive Activity Coupe based on the next 3er platform will be launched prior to the new 3 Series. This is similar to the Progressive Activity Sedan which comes out this Sunday, almost a year before the new BMW 5 Series.

In the next few months, we should learn more about the new 3er and once the PAC model is out, the  design speculations will begin once again.

Thanks for the photos Gonzague!