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Prior to the BMW 5 Series GT Concept launch, the general consensus among the BMW owners, fans or potential customers was fairly negative regarding the …

Prior to the BMW 5 Series GT Concept launch, the general consensus among the BMW owners, fans or potential customers was fairly negative regarding the new Progressive Activity Sedan, as BMW likes to call their new model line.

After the official unveiling and the multiple photos and videos released, the negative current of opinions started to slightly shift towards a more positive note and many of us started to see the value in this new market created by BMW. From the beginning BMW was very transparent about the 5 GT and mentioned that it won’t be a high volume seller, but it would rather have its own place within their niche models – the X6 is included in here as well.

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In a less formal approach and part of their latest marketing initiatives, one of the people involved with BMW, shared a few ideas that clarify even further the business process behind the 5 Series GT, the demographic of this car and potential customers. And without a surprise, it pretty much aligns with what we have said here for quite some time now and the 5 GT will be one of those cars equally loved and hated by bimmer fans. But we will also believe that it will open the road for more similar products who could become an important revenue factor in BMW’s overall sales schema.

“The 5er GT will be an Individual choice for a specific customer and how we have marketed the car as a premium object with a great emphasis on premium comfort and premium style will either make or break the concept.

I think it is unfair to the point that the media especially in the US are proclaiming this car as the BMW aztec – a slight insult termed to the Pontiac Aztec, which only sums up the problems of the car market in North America. It is true the finished article of the Aztec was greatly flawed, but in concept the idea was very much the direction the U.S. markets have to adapt to smaller, more fuel efficient cars and crossovers .

We showed the 5er GT as a Concept because we wanted to get the message across of the flexibility and luxury for passengers, these are great features in this car. People may mock the car and mock BMW for doing so, but this is a fascinating car and it does not have just one purpose as many BMW enthusiasts expect of our cars.

In the run up to the launch we have showcased the car at special preview events and have created great interest in specific areas were clientele priority is essential , we have shown the car to hotel chains. They like the fact that there is more trunk space , a luxurious rear cabin for clients and that the car can be adapted through the BMW Individual program.

Art Galleries also like the car, as do fashion houses, even the German government has expressed interest. For public clients, we have shown it to a particular demographic, incorrectly and rudely stereotyped as “Geriatric”. For the features and specifics that appeal to the older group and as shown before, we have received excellent feedback on the comfort and features of the car attuned to this demographic.

The GT will not be specific about volume , we have been adamant about that from the beginning , nor is it entirely market specific.

Of course the big question: is the 5er Gran Turismo the preview of how the forthcoming 5er (F10) will drive?
Well yes and no, even though the two cars are similar, we know what customers want from the sedan and what specific customers expect from the Gran Turismo. So, there will be significant changes to key areas, although a car badged as “Gran Turismo” will still reward the keen driver.

Now that we have our E-Klasse test books filled with notes , diagrams and complete analysis and autospy on the W212, the 5er will be an admirable foe for every aspect of the E-Klasse.”

Sound promising? It sure does and it makes me even more intrigued about the Individual 5 GT that will be displayed in Frankfurt this fall.

[Source: GCZ ]