Photo: Could this be the BMW 6 Series GT?

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BMW is increasing their marketing efforts in creating more hype around the next generation 6 Series. If until recently most of the BMW related news …

BMW is increasing their marketing efforts in creating more hype around the next generation 6 Series. If until recently most of the BMW related news were focusing on the 2011 5 Series, the past few weeks have been all about the upcoming, redesigned 6 Series family. Just a month ago, we learned for the first time that BMW will expand the Gran Turismo family by adding a premium 4-door sports car vehicle labeled as BMW 6 Series GT.

Today, a rendering of what it looks like a 4-dour coupe-like BMW model was released onto the Germancarzone forum. Even though no other details are known at this time, the car in the image seems to fit the 6GT profile.

bmw4dcoup 498x344

The 6 GT will be a “progression” of a sports coupe vehicle and it will be the first BMW coupe with a hatchback and four doors. We expect to see frameless suicide doors at the rear, as seen on the Mazda RX-8. BMW 6 Series GT will have a different look when compared to the 6er Coupe and Convertible with a wider grille and headlights which sit above the grille positioned on each corner.

The headlights when looked at from the side are heavily raked into the front wings to give a more dynamic sporty look. The typical 6 Series flared wheel arches remain intact and will retain the 6ers muscular proportions.

GT 6 will be all about dynamics, performance and style and BMW looks at the new Porsche Panamera as a competitor.

There will be several engine options, from a single gasoline V8 Twin-Turbo engine to a Hybrid and six cylinder diesel engine. It is being said that the M Division will offer their expertise as the car will offer unique potential.

If you’re wondering which customers will BMW target, then you should know that the ideal customers for the GT 6 will be the ones attracted by style and performance.

We should have more information for you over the course of the summer as more details emerge.

[Source: GCZ ]

17 responses to “Photo: Could this be the BMW 6 Series GT?”

  1. P.wong says:

    nno thank you, i wish they had something along the lines of the cs CONCEPT, ITD BE A SHAame not to use fully that concept when you see what others brand are coming out with but, we will see

  2. viper says:

    wish any of this was true..although I like the CS more than this 6gt…..still I think that CLS looks at least three times better than this….

  3. n8n says:

    They’re making the stupiest things ever – during the crysis they fired a lot of workers to save money, but anyway they are trying to search a new car niche – it’s waste of money! BMW please make M7 (as an answer for Merc S AMG/ Audi S8), or call 760iL V12 as M, make BMW 1 series M (or change name o 135i for it), make Z4M, try to make the beauties BMW 6 as it’s possible, and please stop searching for the new, useless and ugly things as BMW 5GT or 6GT (it’s a good idea as make BMW 7 combi, cabrio or coupe…).

    • Alex says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Also, the ALPINA B7 takes place of the M7, but it’s not sold on my side of the Atlantic, so I could go for an M7 as well.

  4. lisiy says:

    i like it!
    good design and added 4 doors…. cool!

  5. Giom says:

    No, I think the design will be more focused and sporty. This image could as well be the new 5er. The 6GT will look sleek and coupe like.

  6. okeribok says:

    Not original enough. Looks too much like a VolksWagen Passat CC.

  7. bunker says:

    Actually looks a lot like a stretched E92, IMO.

  8. Tom Hegedosh says:

    looks really boring

  9. Bill says:

    What they really need is an answer to the R8. Maybe a new M1.

  10. jon H says:

    where does this fit? what would it compete with? I’m not sure I like it, a little too dumbed down from the CS concept for me.

  11. Gord says:

    It looks like a sedan.

  12. Vaybach Khan says:

    this is so bad photoshop…this is no near 6gt….that car will be killer…

  13. Doug says:

    @Gord: Yes, it’s sedan with handles removed in the rear. However, it’s a got a nice profile for a hatchback.

    Actually… isn’t this actually an M6 concept?

  14. Horatiu B. says:

    @Doug: No Doug, it’s just an older rendering…I heard that it will not look like this….but the idea is similar

  15. Alex says:

    It’s official, this will happen (according to and at first I was tearing up, but then I realized that Merc has the CLS, why not BMW have a car to go against it? As long as they make M versions of all these cars, I will be fine :)

  16. Fairway says:

    If only it would be ///M6 GT.
    Performance of M cars
    (just like the 5series GT) stuff the 7-series luxes and toys.

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