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After successfully completed the field trials in the U.S., Berlin and Munich, BMW Group is moving forward with the MINI and plans on bringing their first all-electric vehicle to the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has met in Glasgow, Scotland, with Ian Robertson, BMW Head of Sales and Marketing.

The BMW Group intends to participate in a research project developed by the British government on the future of electric vehicles. British government plants an extensive program to reduce CO2 emissions on the UK roads. The project was born from a close collaboration between the Technology Strategy Board, energy suppliers and public authorities.

The MINI E test program will last twelve months and it will be monitored by the Oxford University.

As you might recall from our MINI E test drive, the car is powered by an all-electric engine producing 204 horsepower, it reaches a top speed of 90mph and has a driving range of 150 miles.

In the U.S., the application chosen by BMW have to sign a 1 year lease agreement that costs 850 dollars a month. With the lease agreement, BMW comes out to your house and sets up the 220-Volt power system that is used to re-power the E. It takes about 4 hours for a full charge to be accumulated.

The MINI E will be introduced during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of MINI which takes place May 22-24.

[Source: Motor-Journal ]