AC Schnitzer “tunes up” the BMW iDrive system

3 Series | April 28th, 2009 by 8

Yup, we have yet to see a “pimped out” or “tuned up” BMW iDrive system, but the famous german tuner has definitely surprised us. They basically have put out an accessory that replaces the I-drive knob. The traditional i-Drive knob has been replaced by a more car oriented one, an aluminum wheel like knob.

“The controller is the central control unit of the iDrive system in BMW vehicles. Ergonomically mounted on the central console, the rotary push button can easily be operated with one hand by both driver and passenger. And the intelligent operating concept is now further enhanced by the new design AC Schnitzer cover.”, says AC Schnizter’s PR machine.

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Not sure what the advantages or the reasoning behind this “upgrade”, but judging from the photos, it doesn’t look as bad as we would think. Will it be useful and worth spend the money on it? Not in our opinion, but hey…who are we to judge you?

The new AC Schnitzer knob is available for all BMW vehicles sporting the latest generation iDrive system.