Upload your photos on our Flickr group and have your bimmer featured on the blog

Others | April 27th, 2009 by 14

We believe it’s time to take our blog a step forward and to engage the BMW community even more. What’s a better way to do this other than to start showing off our dear bimmers in a shared photo gallery. After careful consideration, we decided to start our own photo group on Flickr.com: BMWBLOG Photos Group

But here is where it gets interesting, every Sunday, we will choose the most unique BMW or the best looking one or…who knows what other criteria we might use, and the chosen one will be featured on our blog in its own article along with the Flickr user that uploaded the photos.

We honestly believe that this initiative will bring us, the BMW fans, even closer and allow us to not just talk about our cars, but showcasing them to everyone. Sure, we don’t all have necessarily the most exciting or best looking bimmers, but each one of them has something unique about them and we would love to see it. We started by sharing our 335i, which really is just a “regular” sedan, but to us, the Montego Blue color is pretty darn cool.

Any questions or suggestions are always welcomed and we hope you will embrace this new step we’ve taken to bring us all closer.

Now let’s create the largest BMW photo gallery on the internet!!