Project i – BMW Vision Z – The future Z2 explained

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The IAA Frankfurt Auto Show in September will be one of the most exciting events of the year, at least from BMW’s perspective.

The Munich based automaker has planned to unveil some new production vehicles – 5GT and X1– but also a new concept – Vision Z or the future BMW Z2.

We have covered the subject extensively here before, but today, we have some new information or as we would call it: A Comprehensive Guide On The New BMW Z2.

Based on next generation 1er platform
It is the compact segment that will experience high growth and by basing the car upon the next 1er platform costs can be measured across the base that is why the next 1er will offer more expansion in the premium compact segment and offer variants using Mild Hybrid , Full Hybrid , diesel and petrol to fulfill the customers requirements.

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BMW need something like a hybrid roadster or coupe in this segment to show a complete 180 approach from the conventional choices customers are faced with regarding hybrids. They are small compact and conventional , overall they have fulfilled a purpose, but the design or concept says nothing else but sensible. Offering an unconventional Sports car in place of a typical compact hybrid will allow BMW to promote an enticing new medium of what a hybrid can be when removed from the original question.

BMW wants to use the next 1er to expand its range of small premium cars , BMW reckon there is demand for a small , substantial powered small sports car and also something unconventional is required for eco lifestyles , rather than conventional cars that are only about one purpose. The car will retain the typical BMW platform and drive train for front engine and rear wheel drive. The new 1 Series platform is flexible to allow modular changes and switch from either front-rear drive or front or rear mounted engines. The 1 Series platform for the Z2 will be used for both a small Roadster and a Coupe.

Lightweight , dynamic and sporty
Using a high strength steel body ,door skins and aluminum front bonnet, front wings and bootlid are made of composite materials.
Propshaft and Engine block are manufactured from magnesium. Target weight for both Coupe and Roadster is 2,200 lbs (1000 kg).

High efficient four cylinders engines
BMW will only offer the Z2 as a four cylinder , no six cylinder engine will be available to keep the car from entering the Z4’s segment.
The base engine will be a 1.6 liter unit with twin turbo charging and direct injection , power output will be in the region of 145-150 horsepower.
A second engine again will be a Twin-Turbo four cylinder unit which will output 200-204 horsepower , a 2.0 four cylinder Twin Turbo will top the range – 240-250 horsepower.

An M model is not considered , although a supersports model is certainly a possibility.

BMW eDrive full electric powered roadster
In its quest to offer customers unconventional choices to the growing popularity of hybrid concepts, BMW has developed the new roadster and Coupe to be fully compatible under its “Project-i” strategy. BMW will offer a plug in Hybrid with a range extended engine for charging energy cells when the car is in motion.

A full electric version will be available as well and we have seen the technology in the first Project -i model: MINI E.

Compact Soft-Top
With the latest Z4 receiving a folding hardtop. The roof of the BMW Z2 will retain the conventional easy folding soft-top. No electric powered hood will be offered due to the easy fold and secure function of the Z2. The roof section folds in slats with rear window section folding flat and roof concertinaing into the hood compartment.
This allows for more trunk space and expands the cars lightweight intentions.

BMW Active aerodynamics
With GINA, BMW always had an intention to create these type of roadster, even though the concept was ahead of its time. Certain use of innovations learned from GINA are slowly filtering through to today’s production cars – with several BMW models offering as part of technology developed for “Efficient Dynamics” opening and closing intakes in the grille slats.

This provides optimizes airflow and assists with Efficiency. As learned from the GINA, the Z2 will feature front movable front spoiler to provide extra down force, opening and closing intakes and Grille slats provide cooling for the engine or battery.

BMW LED lighting Technology
The Z2 will feature the first phase in BMW’s upcoming Intelligent LED technology. The front end appearance of the car is identified in a way that is similar to BMW’s interior technology in which instruments are illuminated using a unique black panel technology.

The front of the Z2 with Intelligent LED technology is similar, all you see is the uniquely shaped kidney grille and larger driving lights – when the lights are activated the interpretation of the BMW double headlamps are fully illuminated.

The driving lamps feature is similar to the Rolls-Royce Phantom , but new technology being considered is a zoom like feature that can focus on objects after being identified by either night vision system or a video camera.

Coupe model as additional variant
To make fully utilize the 1 Series platform, the Z2 will also be introduced a compact Coupe model, again featuring the same technology as the Roadster, including four cylinder engines and hybrid and electric models. BMW intends to make the Coupe a very sporty “back to basics performance” model. Again a SuperSports model is considered in place of an M model , with the option of a conventional roof. BMW can consider additional materials such as Carbon Fiber for the roof.

BMW Efficient Dynamics
Both models will feature the latest in BMW Efficient Dynamics technology such as Brake Energy Regeneration, highly efficient petrol engines with the base model offering up to 50-60 mpg.
Stop-Start technology will also feature a new transmission that is developed based on the technology from BMW’s motorrad division. This will be a unique Z2 feature.

Shown as a Concept first , BMW Z2 arrives mid 2013, BMW Z2 Coupe late 2013.

[Source: Scott27 via Germancarzone]