How many units has each BMW plant produced in 2008?

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Good question, isn’t it? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received a similar question by email and I always had to go the extra mile in finding the answer through official and unofficial channels. But BMW AG comes to the rescue and simply releases a three page document outlining the models, units built and number of employees.

As expected, the BMW Dingolfing plant has manufactured the most BMWs in 2008, 241, 300 units with 19,000 people employed at the plant. The only U.S plant located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, employs 4,200 people and it produced 170, 741 units.

We won’t be getting into all the details on the report since we will rather let you explore them in more detail. But, if you get to the last slide and you’re struggling to understand what CKD is, then allow me to clarify this:

Complete knock down (CKD), is a complete kit needed to assemble a vehicle. Basically, BMW will import completely knocked down (CKD) units of these cars and assemble them at some factories in Asia.

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