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Moving away from all the BMW X5 M and X6 M coverage, today we have more information on one of the most overlooked BMW models …

Moving away from all the BMW X5 M and X6 M coverage, today we have more information on one of the most overlooked BMW models this year: the new BMW 6 Series which will launch early next year.

Thanks to Scott we have some new details emerging out of the Munich gates and they are quite interesting. The next generation 2010 BMW 6 Series takes an evolutionary approach instead of a completely radical new design. But according to BMW, they fully intend to incorporate all the elements needed for a premium sports car.

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The 6er will receive hardtop as seen in the BMW E93 3 Series, for those of you hoping to shave some pounds off the car, the soft top will NOT be an option. The bodystyle has to be completely flat along the boat line and no raised up rear-end in order to accommodate the hardtop. BMW’s understanding is that in this segment, you must have a beautiful engineered premium car and seeing how the 3 Series stacks up against competition , especially when you compare the E93 Convertible to the Lexus IS C, the new 6er needs to capture the attention and project a premium car image.

We learned was that the headlights will resemble in some ways the ones on the CS Concept, which is good news for the die hard CS fans. We also expect a larger than usual front-grille. The wheelbase of the new BMW 6 Series is slightly longer than the current generation with the clear scope of offering more interior room.

As we mentioned many times before, the current engines are here to stay. The award winning twin-turbo 6-cylinder will power one of the entry levels 6er with its 326 horsepower, while the V8 twin-turbo 407 horsepower engine found in the new 7 Series will be found in the higher-end models.

Diesel fans have not been forgotten and the 6-cylinder diesel found currently in the 635d will “stick” around. The semi-confirmed/rumored 354 horsepower Tri-Turbo 6-cylinder diesel will definitely take the other diesel spot.

BMW will also offer a 655 model, a hybrid version using the same technology as the upcoming BM X6 Hybrid and 7 Series Hybrid.

The 2010 BMW 6 Series will use the latest 8-speed transmission as well as the 7-speed DCT one. To make the new 6er appeal eve more to car enthusiasts, a new damping system will offer four different sport settings from Comfort right through to Performance , including an option for efficient performance.

BMW Efficient Dynamics will play its role in the 2010 6 Series by utilizing the Start-Stop and Brake Energy Regeneration technologies.

With the return of driver-oriented cockpit, BMW has no choice but to be consistent. The overall interior design takes man design elements from the new 2009 BMW Z4. The main centre air ducts are almost flat on the dash with the iDrive screen integrated into the top of the dashboard, but without the current cars separated pod.

Internally, the BMW 6 Series Coupe is carrying the F12 name tag, while the 6er Convertible goes by the F13 name.

7 responses to “2010 BMW 6 Series – Latest information”

  1. Giom says:

    I’m still curious as to why this prototype never ran with the plastic cladding seen on all other new models.

    Also, the report says folding hard top only, yet, in all the spy shots, the test car runs with soft tops. Just curious. There’s a lot of mystery around this new 6er… I love it!

  2. Matski says:

    The fabric roof may just be cloth on metal to disguise their intentions.

    I am praying that this is a good looker!

  3. Joe says:

    This is my next car… its going to look awesome!

  4. patricksixer says:

    ^ Good points Giom…I really would like to have an idea of what this is going to look like-both the vert and the coupe, but all we can tell from all these shots is that the front will be like the CS/5er GT/etc….so good job BMW?

  5. weew73 says:

    can someone tell me whats the difference`s between bmw 6 series (2009) and (2010)?
    any major differences or its the same?

  6. mannnn im inlove with dis car…just the spies so the official will kill me

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