New York Auto Show represents another milestone for BMW and it will remain in history as the place where the first all-wheel-drive SUV-like Motorsport model was released. The BMW X6 M made its debut yesterday and we were there to capture this moment.

While there was lots of controversy around this vehicle at the show as well, there were still many people in the attendance that embrace the idea of having a large BMW with M capabilities. On paper, the car reports an impressive performance, but BMW expect the X6 M to perform much better when released in the hands of their buyers.

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In a conversation with Tom Plucinksy, Product & Technology Communications Manager, he spoke about his experience as a passenger in the X6 M and described it as being “impressive, amazing in corner and doesn’t feel that you’re riding in a car that weighs 4,894 lbs”.

At the Nurburgring racetrack, BMW X6 M has proven to be faster than the E46 M3 and finished a full lap in less than 8 minutes. BMW is proud of the performance they achieved in this car and they seem the X6 M and X5 M as opportunity to preview the performance that will be seen in the next M models, with the M5 being the first one to receive a twin-turbo engine.

The reverse flow technology implemented in this engine has been patented by BMW and we will see it in other future models as well.

With a price tag of $85,000-$89,000, the BMW X6 M becomes attractive for those of us looking for a high-performance car, without sacrificing space and comfort.

In our next article,  we will talk about the BMW X6 M design and our impression of the car.