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Auto Shows | April 8th, 2009 by 15
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As usual, we are going to bring you live coverage from another major auto show, this time, we are in New York City and ready for another eventful day. As you might know by now, BMW will officially reveal the BMW X6 M, the first all-wheel-drive Motorsport vehicle built by the Munich based automaker.

Even though the “twin” X5 M has not confirmed its presence there, we’re still hoping that BMW sees the opportunity of launching both Ms at the same time. But beside our usual BMW coverage, we will once again focus on the competition as well, starting with Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti and even Acura, with their latest Sports Activity Coupe type of vehicle.

Speaking of the Acura ZDX, the car was somewhat unveiled tonight when the folks at Autospies managed to snap a few shots. Could it compete with the BMW X6? We’ll let you know tomorrow.

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And since we’re part of the new media generation, we will be using once again, some popular social networking tools. Back at the L.A Auto Show, the Twitter and Facebook experiment went great and our readers were able to receive live updates and photos from press conferences or directly from the show floor. So, we’ll do it again, especially since Twitter is going mainstream.

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That’s it for now, check back with us tomorrow and we will bring you once again, the best BMW related news.