First let me start by apologizing for the slow posting today, it has been very busy here the NYC show and running around trying to capture the best photos and collect useful information.

As all of you know by know, the first SAV/SAC M version has been unveiled today by BMW. The X6 M is already a controversial product and from our discussions with BMW, they already know that. BUT, according to people that drove the car, the BMW X6 M is what to expect from an M and even more.

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The X6 M handles and drives like a true M car, but instead of the naturally aspirated engine that BMW used in their M models, this new all-wheel-drive model is the first one to use the twin-turbo engines. In this case, a modified version of the V8 4.4 liter found in the xDrive50i or the BMW  7 Series.

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The engine uses many parts that have been patented by BMW, starting with the exhaust manifold.

Unfortunately the BMW X5 M was not present at the NYC auto show, but it will make its debut along with the BMW 760Li at the Shanghai Show later this month.

We’ll keep it short for now, but we will have a more extensive article in the next few hours. For now, enjoy these exclusive photos of the BMW X6 M.

P.S Better photos will follow tonight