BMW X6 M present at Qatar racetrack as a safety car

Racing | April 7th, 2009 by 2
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BMW X6 M makes its official debut tomorrow at the New York Auto Show, but the first all-wheel-drive Motorsport vehicle from BMW is already making its first racing appearance.

Unfortunately not as a race car as many of us would like, but rather as a safety car during the MotoGP 2009 first race that will take place in Qatar this weekend.

For some BMW fans out there unable to attend the NYC Auto Show, this will be the first time they will see the BMW X6 M live or on TV, if needed.

Six BMW X6 M vehicles will be tagging along with the MotoGP European races while up to twelve VIP shuttles will be serving special VIP guests.

[Source: BMW Motorsport and MotoGP ]

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