With the attention of media mostly focused on the BMW X6 M, the other “brother”, X5 M, slipped unnoticed. The first batch of the photos released yesterday were all about the X6 M, especially since the car was confirmed to make an appearance at the NYC auto show.

As mentioned earlier by us, the BMW X5 M shares the same engine with the X6 M model, a new M twin-turbo engine which uses a common exhaust manifold joining both rows of cylinders, with the turbochargers and catalytic converters placed in the V-section. The result? Less turbo lag and a more direct response.

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The BMW X5 M and X6 M are the first Motorsport all-wheel-drive models coming out of the Munich factory gates. We’re not looking at a regular AWD system though, but rather a combination of the Dynamic Performance Control system and the xDrive.

BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M come as standard with air suspension and self-leveling on the rear axle as well as Adaptive Drive with electronically adjustable dampers and active anti-roll control for higher stability.

Both models feature Bi-xenon dual headlights including a daytime driving light function.

Being a true M model, the BMW X5 M comes equipped with high-performance brakes combined with inner-vented lightweight brake discs. The X5 M sits on 20 inch wheels, which in my opinion, are slightly smaller than we want to.

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Moving inside, the design is all about the M brand, starting with M sport seats, M steering wheel, M entry trim and footrest and finishing with a beautiful M shifter.

Same as the X6 M, due to the 555 horsepower coming out of the M engine, the BMW X5 M reaches 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, putting the Porsche Cayenne S on the spot.