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There are no doubts anymore that BMW is preparing a real “tii” model based on the 1 Series. Named Supersports, the M1-like car is set …

There are no doubts anymore that BMW is preparing a real “tii” model based on the 1 Series. Named Supersports, the M1-like car is set to launch in 2011 and its performance will be the result of using lightweight materials, such as a Carbon Fiber Roof and bootlid , loss of certain cabin comforts , upgraded suspension and brakes , lightweight glass , all the creative and performance comforts created for the M variant, but not under full MotorSport badging.

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Since the official launch in 2007, the BMW 1 Series tii has been in the center of many rumors and speculations. For a while, BMW had us believe that a tii named model will actually be built, then months later, a BMW Performance Parts catalog was released, which included many of the design elements found on the 1 Series tii concept.

Some BMW dealerships, such as Classic BMW,  went even further and modded their own tii version on a BMW 135i Coupe body style. But in the end, no official tii branding has even been placed on this cars.

So I got caught off guard when Carmagazine UK posted some photos of a BMW 1 Series Hatchback version this time spotted near a BMW office in Munich and….sporting some of the tii or Performance Parts.

The photographer, Rainer Wargitsch noticed 1er Hatch having a Carbon Fiber roof and judging from the photos, a more sportier front-bumper. This is the part where the usual speculations come in place: are we looking at a test car loaded with lightweight materials or it’s just another BMW fan “pimping their ride” ?

bmw1seriestii 497x276

In my opinion, we’re just looking at a BMW 1 Series Hatchback with some Carbon Fiber body parts, most likely an individual work done by the owner.

It also reminds me of the E92 BMW M3 CSL, a model that never made it.

Sorry to dissapoint you guys, but we’ll just have to wait a bit longer for the “real tii/Supersports” to show up.

[Source: CarMagazine UK ]

7 responses to “BMW 1 Series Hatchback – “tii” Style”

  1. the E92 M3 CSL was a true prototype as it had the badges covered, this one is just an owner that modded his hatchback

  2. L1ndja says:

    These Tii-supersports name’s SUCK.Why don’t they just name it M1 and that’s it.No need for such fucked up name’s or these Xdrive – sdrive names,now what edrive fuck this.Bmw isn’t what is was its just goind down.

  3. Gragop says:

    Don’t they have to give these names by some sort of legal requirement?

  4. jkp says:

    Agree w/ L1ndja. Chevy called, they asked for their “SS” back. Hey, doesn’t the whole “SS” thing have some sort of negative connotation in Germany? Just asking. This whole SuperSport(s) name is just full of fail.

    Doesn’t have to be “M1”, but it could be called the “M135” or whatever.

  5. jkp says:

    And, indeed, what was wrong with just “tii”?

  6. Marc says:

    The roof is more than likely just a CF vinyl wrap. Getting real in CF roofs in Germany is VERY expensive and many just opt to get it wrapped for 1/4 of the price of the real thing. The front bumper looks similar to something that Rieger makes for the E81/87(the version without the fog-lights)

  7. The front bumper is just the hatchback base model’s bumper.
    And the “carbon fiber” is most likely just plastic foil with a carbon fiber structure printed on.

    Look at the 16″ wheels. This is a 120d at best, the 123d and all the six-cylinder models need 17″ers for the bigger brakes.

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