BMW 760Li and 2011 BMW 5 Series spotted together

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Talk about another lucky shot, the rumored, semi-confirmed BMW 760Li has been spotted again somewhere in Germany. This time, the 2011 BMW 5 Series joins …

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Talk about another lucky shot, the rumored, semi-confirmed BMW 760Li has been spotted again somewhere in Germany. This time, the 2011 BMW 5 Series joins the picture as well.

Both cars are undergoing intensive testing hence the “army” of engineers around them. While the BMW 760Li sports very little camouflage, the next generation 5 Series is still covered with the plastic fake  body panels. Our sources say that in the summer, we will start seeing the first pre-FEP test mules where the extra plastic cover is replaced by the funky black and white camo.

The 2010 BMW 760Li will be released at the end of this year and it will be powered by a V12 twin-turbo engine. Even though no official confirmation  has been received, we strongly believe that the engine powering the new Rolls-Royce EX200 will make be the one chosen for the high-end 7er. So that translates into 6.6 liter engine, ZF 8-speed transmission and over 500 horsepower.

As a trademark for the BMW 760Li, the exhaust system will have four square pipes.

The 2011 BMW 5 Series will be released early next year and everyone is having fun with car renderings. Of course, we’re surfing the same wave and came up with our version: BMW 5 Series Renderings.

Some technology from the recently launched BMW 7 Series will make into the new 5er as well: Dynamic Drive active anti-roll bars, four-wheel steering, Dynamic Damping Control, Night Vision System or lane departure warning.

Start-stop automatic transmission will be used for the six cylinder engine, in order to increase fuel efficiency. There will be a wide range of engine offerings, from the European 204hp 2.0L twin-turbo four-cylinder diesel engine to more powerful ones like the twin-turbo V8 4.4 liter engine.

The petrol engines’ power range from about 180 to about 407 horsepower and the diesels from 180 to approximately 290 hp.

The Motorsport version of the 5 Series is expected to be launched in 2011, typical to the M models lifecycle.

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14 responses to “BMW 760Li and 2011 BMW 5 Series spotted together”

  1. Doug says:

    Interesting view of the test equipment in the 7’s trunk. I guess they’re collecting data from all kinds of sensor and linking them together at what looks to be a patch panel on the left side, on top — that’s judging from the array layout of the device.

    Is there any chance that the device is actually an array of small batteries?

  2. Doug says:

    No… disregard battery theory. There’s too many d-connectors, it has to be serial telemetry.

  3. Gord says:

    I actually think the V12 will be 6 litres. The Rolls Royce 6.6 litre engine is probably because past Rolls Royces had engines of similar displacement, so BMW were trying to keep with tradition.

  4. Kay says:

    Who cares, the Mercedes Benz bi-turbo V12 600 will kill this ride.

  5. housejunkie85 says:

    id like to know where mr. kay is gettin his “facts” from!!

  6. jon H says:

    agreed housejunkie. Even if the benz does beat the beem in a straight line you KNOW the 760 will be preferred in the twisties.

  7. housejunkie85 says:

    definitely jon, and even in a straight line i think this 760i might be faster than the current generation v12 from the s class since this is a newer model comparing against an older model…im sure mercedes in the next generation s class will come up with a one more powerful but for the moment i think this v12 from bmw might be the more powerful even in a straight line!!!

  8. Kay says:

    You guys are such BMW freaks.

    Think about it.

  9. jon H says:

    @Kay: that video proves nothing Kay….why do you read this if you dont like bmws?

  10. Kay says:

    I am a BMW fan too. But y’see… Mercedes is on top of their game.

  11. Kay says:

    @jon H: @jon H:

    What doesn’t it prove about the ride?

  12. Gord says:


    Well the 600 HP S-Class is an S65 AMG.

    This 760li is to rival the Mercedes S600 which comes with about 500 hp, which also comes from a twin turbo V12.

  13. Carlos Perez says:

    Dude you can have as many horse power as you want but if you can’t control them, then is useless, that’s what happen to MB,

  14. jon H says:

    @Carlos Perez: exactly what im saying carlos. exactly.

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