I have said it again, I totally dig the BMW X6 and NO, you don’t have to agree with me on this one. As the main editor of this blog, I go sometimes on small rants and I either endorse, or criticize certain products from BMW.

As everyone out there, we are entitled to our opinion which in most cases would not concise with other people’s point of view. Since its original launch in 2008, BMW X6 has been a controversial model from BMW. I remember many months prior to the official unveiling, that the X6 has been bashed by almost everyone. Not many bimmer fans and not only, understood the idea, the concept behind the first Sports Activity Coupe, as BMW calls it.

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BMW refused to call the X6 as being a smaller or larger X5, and the marketing efforts were geared towards the introduction of a new buzz word: BMW SAC, a large  AWD vehicle that it is not an SUV nor a Wagon, but rather a sporty coupe with a higher stand.

I recall the first BMW X6 spy photos and let me tell you, the car looked like…it has nothing going for it. It seemed to be a slightly longer wagon with a different front-end. The coupeish roof-line was very well hidden by BMW, in an effort to mask the idea behind the X6.Why do I dig the BMW X6?

If you look past the classy BMWs with the safe designs, then you will see the X6 as being an innovator, a car that “attacks” a new market, going after a niche that BMW noticed. This niche is mostly formed of people that are previous BMW owners, people that love the brand and also love their SUV products – yes, BMW, it’s SAV, I know. The BMW X5 is a great car, widely accepted by the consumers but for some buyers, it was simply not good enough.

They were looking for a large, spacious vehicle that offers the same capabilities as the X5, but does not sacrifice performance and elegance. An aerodynamic, coupe-looking shape was what they had in mind and as much as the X5 is a great car, it doesn’t offer that.

So here is where the X6 comes in, it gives you that great AWD performance, coupled with one of the most aggressive front-ends in their line-up and that coupe roof-line that I mentioned earlier. Add to this package the amazing 3.0 liter twin-turbo engine and especially, the V8 4.4 liter twin-turbo “monster” engine, and you get yourself the performance you missed while driving the X5.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the X5 is an amazing car, always loved it, but it appeals to a different demographic and it will never compete against the X6.

Why I might not dig the BMW X6?

Ok, now let me give my objections to this car also. I mentioned above that the X6 is spacious, well, it looks spacious on the outside, but moving inside, the only large space you’re getting is upfront, so for someone like myself that is 6’2 and somewhat built, it is perfect. But once you move in the back, you might have a problem, especially with the headroom.

That sloping roof-line makes you sit a bit “tight” in there and if you’re as tall or even taller than me, then you will definitely have a problem. The trunk space has also been the main concern for many people, despite the long wheelbase and large size, the BMW X6 is doing just OKAY in that department. 25.5 cubic feet in standard configuration or  59.7 cubic feet with the rear seats folded.

And the last reason why I might not dig the X6 is the price, 2009 BMW X6  $55,500 – xDrive35i (base price) and BMW X6 $66,200 – xDrive50i. Both prices a little bit too high for many people.

In the end, money issue aside, I will still buy the X6 in a heart beat, before the X5, just because it suits my driving style, engine requirements, design sytle, interior space and …..the pleasure to drive a sporty AWD.

Now take a look at these great photos courtesy of the following people at Germacarzone: M-power, Ree, Car-Guy, Just Me

P.S Feel free to disagree with me, all comments will be published, no censorship.