New set of renderings 2011 BMW 5 Series – Rear photo included

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The leaked photo of the 2011 BMW 5 Series that was posted by all the car magazines, blogs or forums a couple of weeks ago, …

The leaked photo of the 2011 BMW 5 Series that was posted by all the car magazines, blogs or forums a couple of weeks ago, opened a “can of worms”. From now on, majority of the auto media publications, online or print, will take their turn in trying to reproduce the exact design of the next generation 5 Series.

There are already many car magazines that will feature the 5 Series renderings on their upcoming covers, but the one I am excited to see is the one made by the Auto Bild graphic artist, Huckfeldt. He always seems to have the best sources and get most of his renders very close to the real deal.

But to stay on the topic, I would like to show you these latest renderings from the UK based Car Magazine. They decided to approach this from two angles, a front-end computer generated image of the sedan version and the rear-end of the Wagon variant.

bmw5 series2010 1 497x276

Their image is quite similar to the one made by Andy Valencia and posted by us yesterday, but it lacks some small details. The front-grille reminds  us of the new 7 Series, an inspiration for all the artists these days. But unfortunately, it’s quite different since the one in the new 5 Series is a bit wider and positioned lower.

In this photo, the BMW roundel is placed on the hood, which is one thing we know 100% sure that it will be integrated into the front-bumper, as seen in the bumper photo or the new BMW Z4 design. Also, the two central creases on the hood, forming a V, are not similar to the ones seen in the leaked image, where the V-shape is less wide, if I were to make an analogy, I would say it’s close to an “U”.

The seemed to have gotten the bumper leaked photo as well, since the front-bumper is almost identical.

Now let’s move to the rear-end.

bmw5 series2010 2 497x276

While there are less information about the rear-end design and not many good spy photo either, we had to ask around and see what we find out. Apparently, the rear-end rendering is one on the right track, but not fully there yet. The taillights are very similar, it just needs more of an L-Shape, but not too close to the ones on the 7 Series. They will be definitely smaller in size and with a more dynamic shape.

That’s all I have for now, but like I said earlier, more will come and I have no doubt someone will get pretty close to the final production model.

[Source: Car Magazine ]