Lumma BMW CLR X 650 GT at Geneva Motor Show

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Last year, the Winterlinger-based tuner, Lumma Design has just released their own version of the BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe, named CLR X 650. But now, …

Last year, the Winterlinger-based tuner, Lumma Design has just released their own version of the BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe, named CLR X 650.

But now, they decided to change things around and came out with a slightly different package, which adds the GT after that long name. The rear-end gets one of those “Supra” like spoilers, but made out of carbon fiber.


The roof gets replaced by  a carbon fiber matte black one, probably an attempt to shed off some weight. The front and rear fenders are larger in this package and the CLR X 650 GT runs on 23-inch deep-dish rims matched with high-performance tires of size 315/23 front and 25 in the back.

Beside the cosmetic changes, Lumma thought about the enthusiast drivers as well, and came up with the Gas Pedal Module which works with the reprogrammed ECU to increase pedal response for enthusiastic driving.


Some interior changes took place as well, but their press release will tell us all about it.

Lumma BMW CLR X 650 GT Press Release

After the BMW X6 from Lumma Design was presented at the Motorshow Essen 2008, follows now the second coup CLR X 650 GT: the creative heads in the shops of the expert in upgrading Lumma Design never rest. After the specialists around Horst Lumma have been able to place very successful tuning packages for the BMW X-models, follows now the more then felicitous update CLR X 650 GT.

The visual appearance of an X6 gets a very fast appearing layout of the line with the aerodynamics package CLR X 650 GT Speed. It starts at the front with a carbon fibre lip spoiler continues at the sides with extra sporty side skirts and ends with a race rear spoiler made of carbon fibre – an optical highlight for the following traffic.

The custom fit and extremely high-quality tuning package includes a front spoiler with integrated day run lights, enlarging of the fenders in the front and rear, finishing of the roof in black matt and bicolour rims in 11×23″ with high performance tires size 315/25-23. In combination with a suspension about 35 mm, available for cars with and without air cushioning air ride, the tires look even more exclusive.

But who is familiar with Lumma Design knows that the pros in upgrading are not only well versed with the outer values, the intrinsic values are close to their hearts as well.

Therefore the interior- upgrading-package consists of a leather trim as well as performance-sports seats upholstered with leather and ultrasuede and a sport steering wheel with shift indicator display.

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11 responses to “Lumma BMW CLR X 650 GT at Geneva Motor Show”

  1. L1ndja says:

    that just looks cheep.I mean it looks to jap-style..Its not a mitsubishi godamnit…

  2. housejunkie85 says:

    i really like the front but that spoiler in the back just doesnt fit in!!!

  3. Gord says:

    Some of the individual parts aren’t all that bad. I quite like the rear diffuser and tailpipes.

  4. Gragop says:

    Man, it’s like people try to not have taste…as if they want everyone to know “I’ve got too much money and no class, taste, or sense!”

  5. Gord says:


    You should see a yellow RR Drophead. ;)

  6. Gil says:

    Meh…. unattractive.

    A yellow Drophead? Do share!

  7. BMW sales says:

    Simply ugly….except the interior.

  8. Chris says:

    Hideous, jut hideous

  9. Gil says:

    I’m speechless. Somebody actually plopped down some $400,000 (is that still the going price?) for a yellow Drophead Coupé! Must be nice to be rich….

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