2012 BMW 3 Series – Interesting Rendering

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2012 bmw 3 series

I have to hand it out to them, the folks at Teknikensvarld came up with an interesting rendering of the 2012 BMW 3 Series, different …

I have to hand it out to them, the folks at Teknikensvarld came up with an interesting rendering of the 2012 BMW 3 Series, different from what we have seen so far.

The most popular car in the whole BMW line-up is scheduled to receive a new design in 2012. The E90 3 series was launched in 2005, followed by the wagon, coupe and convertible models. Last year, the 3er sedan also received a facelift with the other models following soon.

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BMW has already started to test the next 3 Series platform in the current generation body style, so this tells us that the final design will be chosen very soon.

As we learned from sources close to BMW, we are still a year away from the time the first 2012 3 Series prototypes will hit the road for testing and the final design will be chosen this spring.

Sources have reported Teknikensvarld that the next BMW 3 Series will be based on the CS Concept design language.

If indeed they are correct, then the rendering makes more sense. We will definitely see a larger front-grille and a flat “nose”, needed to comply with the pedestrian regulations.

The “corona-ring” headlights will replace the current style, but still keeping an angular shape, somewhat similar to what the next 5 Series will have. The hood design seen in the newly released 5 Series GT and even the current M3 models, will be without a doubt present in the new design. The two side creases will flow towards the headlights, giving the new 3er an even more aggressive look.

The 2012 BMW 3 Series platform, codename F35, will have a longer wheelbase and a wider track width, as seen in the spy shots.

As far as the technology and engine line-up, we should see a lot of the EfficientDynamics brand all over the 3er, by offering the start-stop technology, KERS and other energy efficient features. A 3er hybrid coming? Teknikensvarld’s sources seem to indicate that, but of course, this will be pure speculation at this point.

What we know for sure and reported before is that BMW will invest heavily into a new telemetrics system, NGTP, that will provide a variety of wireless services, including a faster response to help distressed passengers. Teknikensvarld also reports that the system could be retrofitted into older models.

Obviously, the 3 Series represents the core of BMW’s sales, so they have no other option but getting the design right. So far, they did just fine with their previous 3ers…..

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