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5 Series GT | February 13th, 2009 by 4

It is obviously the  BMW 5 Series GT day, therefore we are continuing our coverage with a new video from Just a few hours …

It is obviously the  BMW 5 Series GT day, therefore we are continuing our coverage with a new video from Just a few hours ago, we saw Dr. Draeger talking about the new Progressive Activity Sedan Concept, but now, we get to see Adrian Van Hooydonk, BMW Head of Design and Christopher Weil, Exterior Designer BMW 5 Series GT, talking about this new concept.

4 responses to “New video: BMW 5 Series GT”

  1. You know what I find disappointing in this video, there is mention of Luxury , Space and Comfort but nothing about Sporty. Sporty driving is what BMW does best and if that is missing then it isn’t a true BMW

  2. Lance says:

    I cannot believe how ugly this car looks, especially the front and rear!!! I am highly dissapointed with the rear! The front looks too similar to the new 7 Series and the nostrils make tha car look ugly!!!

    The interior is amazing though. I like the fact that BMW has decided to do away with cheap looking black plastics in the cabin. It is a good thing that it can be a 5 seater a well, immediately makes the car more flexible , much better than the restricted X6. I als love the rear seat and environment design. Very stylish and modern. This is another nail in Audi’s coffin!

  3. Gil says:

    I would think that “sporty” is inherent in all BMW vehicles anyway. Just like Lexus is super quiet and floaty. And Rolls-Royce comes with slabs of wood enough to make a canoe. And Mercedes comes with …. wait… what does M-B come with. :)

    Anyway…. my point is, it probably doesn’t need to be mentioned specifically, but is nonetheless expected as the brand’s design and feature set. Else I would be upset if a BMW is floaty, and Lexus rides like an X3 with Sports Package (which, in a city full of potholes, is soooo totally unforgiving).

  4. Nizer says:

    I’m not a fan of the PAS concept nor the hatch design but having watched all the videos I must say that it’s got me excited about the potential of the upcoming 5-Series. Many of the design details on this car are just exceptional – headlights, front fender, mirror, interior – generating the urge to run ones hand over the surfaces, which to me is the highest compliment of good design. I also applaud the move to upgraded interior materials as the current 5-Series interiors leave much to be desired, with far too much cheap plastic visible, not to mention fairly low grade carpet. Let’s hope they nail it with the upcoming 5-Series sedan.

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