The BMW 750Li was also present at the Chicago Auto Show. The car made its debut back at the L.A. Auto Show and since then, it has been admired at all the other auto shows. We have also posted some photos of the 750Li Individual model which is displayed as well at the BMW stand in Chicago.

Compared to L.A and Detroit, our photographer decided to focus a bit more on the fine details of the car, along with the interior design and finishes. I still believe that  7 Series has an interesting, fresh and exciting design, and I agree with BMW that they car will most likely take back some market from the S-Class.

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Everyone that has driven the car had only raving reviews to share with me and that makes it even more exciting. We’re working on getting our hands on one very soon and we will report our findings.

In the mean time, as usual, the photos will keep us entertained.