So what BMW vehicles did BMW bring to the Chicago Auto Show? We just saw the regular 750Li and Individual model, the star of the show, BMW Z4, is here as well, and of course, their best seller, 3 Series made its regular appearance.

We don’t have the 7 Series Hydrogen, nor the X6 version, we’re missing some diesel engines as well, but we did get to see the “usual suspects”: BMW M3 Coupe and Sedan, 328i Convertible, 650ci, X6 xDrive35i, 335i Facelift and a 1 Series, of course.

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Again, we tried to focus on taking some closer shots of the cars, rather than the overall picture, since it’s always more interesting to see the design lines. And here is something to think about: when comparing the existing models to the newly released Z4, many of them look quite outdated. I hate to say that, but I had the same feeling while I was in Detroit. The new Z4 is truly a piece of art and the design is a step forward.

If you’re in Chicago, see for yourself, and drop a comment here.

I hope you’ll like the photos, from all of them that we’ve taken at other shows, these are the best.

Thanks for the great photos Kasia!

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