BMW 5 Series GT Concept Unveiled

5 Series | February 12th, 2009 by 47
bmw concept serija 5 gt

Update: BMW 5 Series GT Official Photos

Here they are ladies and gentleman, the first photos of the BMW 5 Series GT, Gran Turismo or Progressive Activity Sedan. So what do we have here? A combination between the 7 Series and CS Concept. The BMW 5 Series GT has wheelbase length comparable to the new 7 Series long-wheelbase. As we learned yesterday, due to this, the cabin space is quite large, with lots of legroom and space in the back.

The taillights are similar to the 7 Series, L-shaped and larger than usual. Upfront, BMW continues the trend started by the new 7 Series with a large front-grille. The headlights clearly remind me of the now canceled/postponed BMW CS Concept.

serie5conceptgt3 498x332

As we expected and guessed, the coupe-rear shape comes from the X6, but with a little bit more headroom. In the back, the hatchback style trunk with the glass that lifts up, is not as bad as some people expected and I believe it fits the car properly. From these photos, we can see the impressive trunk space, something that buyers will enjoy.

That’s it for now, we’ll be back with a more detailed analysis, but so far, we like what we see.

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