Y’s Factory: How to ruin a BMW M5

BMW M5 | February 11th, 2009 by 16
y s factory bmw m5

Let me start by saying that the BMW M5 is one of the best looking and most valuable BMW models. But went a tuner goes …

Let me start by saying that the BMW M5 is one of the best looking and most valuable BMW models. But went a tuner goes overboard and transforms the M5 into a Honda Civic look-alike, with some German features, then I have a problem.

We have seen the modded M5 from G-Power with its 730 horsepower, so we know that it’s possible to have a fast M5 and still keep the classy look. But a Japanese tuner proves us wrong and takes the modding art to a whole nother level, by turning this M5 Sedan into….well, I don’t even know what to call it.

y s factory bmw m5 4 497x332

Let me start bitching about the oversized “Supra” like mufflers that flask an air difuser. And if that wasn’t obvious enough, then the 5 ft by 1.5 ft wing sitting on the trunk, definitely makes me cringe.

Now, shall we move upfront? Ok, here we go: tinted blue headlamp lenses. Should I even tell you how I feel about that?

y s factory bmw m5 7 498x331

At least the front bumper doesn’t look too bad.

To complete the picture, Y’s Factory uses low-profile tyres and black rims covering the blue 6 piston calipers.


Fine, I’ll give them this: for some reason, I do like the blue sport seats they have chosen.

I don’t have any information on the engine performance, but it’s pretty safe to assume that it packs more power than the standard version of the M5.

[Source: thekucars.wordpress.com ]

16 responses to “Y’s Factory: How to ruin a BMW M5”

  1. L1ndja says:

    I kinda dig the 3rd photo i like it lol.But else its not good..

  2. Islam Essam says:

    A Rear Spoiler like that one + A BMW = Hideous.

  3. jkp says:

    “a whole nother”

    Grammar police:

    What is a “nother”? :-)

  4. Gord says:

    Hidious indeed, but the spoiler itself isn’t all that bad.

    There was another Japanese company that tuned the new M3. They put a spoiler that looks a bit like the one on the Integra Type R or RSX. That was hidious.

  5. Gragop says:

    Just drive it into a tree or wall quickly…before anyone realizes it’s a BMW.

  6. The Lee says:


    That’s a BMW??? I thought it was the new Evo…

  7. E92-TORONTO says:


  8. Jesse says:

    That thing must have come out of a damn big rice cooker….

  9. bmwf1guy says:

    First a biased opinion saying I like the M3 better haha.

    Seriously though, the M5 is a super looking car, but what happened here. I like doing some mods on my beemers but this is what not to do to a terrific car.

  10. Volan says:

    There is a reason they call such tuners “ricers”

  11. Marc says:

    @bmwf1guy: Its “bimmers” not “beemers”….Beemers are motorcycles…anyway I like the Euro tuning looks more than the Japanese tuning….most of the good Euro tuners have a “form follows function” philosophy(with Kerscher and some of Riegers stuff being the exception).

  12. Ahmed Rawahy says:

    WTF .. japanese crap in a class bmw car

  13. Neel D says:

    Bloody ricers, they should’ve given that car to me before spoiling it.
    Just pee on that car and drive it into the ravine before anyone else sees it.

  14. NotABMWDouche says:

    What a bunch of BMW douche bags. I guess look over functionality does it for you guys. Obviously this isn’t just you’re regular let me drive to starbucks and show off M5.

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