Chris Bangle is getting a lot of press these days, not just from us, but from all the big media corporations, offline and online. We have covered his resignation pretty intensively and we promise, we won’t talk about that anymore.

Instead, let’s focus a little bit on the “person” Chris Bangle, his passion for design, enthusiasm to present new concepts or recently released models. As someone of you might know, Mr. Bangle has always said that GINA Concept holds a special place for him and you will see that in the video below.

Chris Bangle is very charismatic and he was the right “spokesperson” for BMW in the past years. His ability to deal very elegantly with all the criticism received, is to be admired. In the videos posted below , you will see Chris as being a huge fan of futuristic, extravagant and experimental styling, with a clear vision of modern and avant-garde approach. Enjoy the videos and stay tuned for another interesting article about BMW designers.

This video will give you a great example of how he handles the “Bangle bashing” – Watch the video