BMW Group is reaching out to all the BMW and MINI fans. A few days ago they announced the BMW Z4 An Expression of Joy game for the iPhone/iTouch, and in the same time,  MINI Financial Services has launched MINI Liquid Assets, available in the Application Store.

The official description of the game, goes something like this: “MINI Liquid Assets is a fun, interactive game modeled after the traditional encased water jet games we all played as children, infused with the MINI brand and intuitive controls that take full advantage of the advanced capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch user interface.”

iphone mini

“Manipulating the face buttons on either side of the screen, players use streams of water—fully accompanied by bubble sound effects and music—to avoid obstacles and guide their precious coins into the safety and comfort of their beloved MINIs. Whether avoiding sharks in the fish tank-themed level “Don’t Feed the MINI” or aliens in the Area 51-themed level ‘Restricted,’ MINI Liquid Assets offers easy-to-pick-up gaming with three difficulty settings: Easy, Medium and OMG.”

As expected, the game features the full model line of MINI vehicles, all with the brand new new MINI Convertible and the latest electric MINI E (our review here). The main menu has a link to find the nearest Mini dealers using the iPhone’s built-in Google Maps app. How come this marketing “feature” doesn’t surprise me at all?