Dinan is announcing a bevy of new high performance products and Signature Packages for the  BMW M5, M6, 135 and 335i xDrive models.  The new line of products includes high performance engine and driveline modifications as well as a 5.7 liter S85 engine for the M5 and M6 models which outputs an impressive 611hp and 468 lb-ft of torque. The engine is developed using the same technology found in Dinan’s high performance S62 Grand-Am Daytona Prototype race engines.

bw m5 498x327

In  addition  to  increased  horsepower and torque, the S2 also features the Stage 3 Suspension System which includes front Springs,  Camber  Plates,  Koni  Shocks  and  larger  antiroll  bars. More  aggressive  drivers  will  enjoy  the  car’s more neutral balance, with  the camber plates  further  reducing understeer  for  turn  in  that  is  razor sharp.

BMW’s award winning N54 engine is the key engine in Dinan’s efforts to improve the performance for the popular135i and 335i models. The tuned up N54 engine raises the performance to a maximum of 398 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque.

This  further  increase  in power  is generated  through  the addition of a highly efficient  intercooler that  is  nearly twice the size of the stock unit, featuring ducting designed to optimize air flow. The  improved  thermal  efficiency  also  reduces  the  effects  of  increased  boost  pressure  on  the  stock  turbochargers  for  greater  reliability.

In the images below, you can see all the options included in these packages along with pricing, which I might add….are not on the cheap side.