For the past few days we have heard rumors of a teaser video of the BMW PAS being released onto the web. We were told not to expect more since it will build momentum for the official photos and videos. So, this morning, our inbox was filled up with links to the video.

Now pay attention to the videos, many design details are indeed revealed in there, especially 2:34 seconds in, you will see the split trunk, similar to a hatchback, and where the glass lifts up.

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Once again, BMW’s marketing department is doing a great job at promoting their products and despite the disappointment of not seeing the actual car, it makes me even more excited about it.

Quote from BMW:

“How do you develop a new style of driving? We’ve been asking questions and taken a close look at how drivers today live their lives, what their needs are and what truly gets them excited. The result is a combination of elegance and well-being. A vehicle concept that always guarantees one thing: sheer driving pleasure.”

Link to BMW Concept page

Thanks for the links Markus and Sjoerd!