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5 Series GT | January 30th, 2009 by 32

For the past few days we have heard rumors of a teaser video of the BMW PAS being released onto the web. We were told …

For the past few days we have heard rumors of a teaser video of the BMW PAS being released onto the web. We were told not to expect more since it will build momentum for the official photos and videos. So, this morning, our inbox was filled up with links to the video.

Now pay attention to the videos, many design details are indeed revealed in there, especially 2:34 seconds in, you will see the split trunk, similar to a hatchback, and where the glass lifts up.


Once again, BMW’s marketing department is doing a great job at promoting their products and despite the disappointment of not seeing the actual car, it makes me even more excited about it.

Quote from BMW:

“How do you develop a new style of driving? We’ve been asking questions and taken a close look at how drivers today live their lives, what their needs are and what truly gets them excited. The result is a combination of elegance and well-being. A vehicle concept that always guarantees one thing: sheer driving pleasure.”

Link to BMW Concept page

Thanks for the links Markus and Sjoerd!

32 responses to “BMW PAS – First teaser video”

  1. Gord says:

    I like it when they said, ” a BMW driver doesn’t want to feel like a bus driver”. :D

  2. Brookside says:

    Finally BMW tells us what the PAS is designed for. Something we’ve talked about here earlier.
    I think it’ll end up being used more as a premium van but I can see that they are pushing it’s other function as a business class transport.
    A van that your fellow workers won’t mind being picked up in?

    Whether the market embraces the PAS is (I think) a big gamble in spite of BMW’s brand reputation….it’s really going to depend on how the total package is perceived….particularly the measure of it’s cool factor.

  3. Matski says:

    I think if it looks good it should do okay. I don’t think its such a big gamble, It’s not as radical as the X6 for instance.

    Also, I’m sure it’ll share ‘resources’ with the next 5er, making it cheaper to develop, and therefore, less of a risk. Maybe also a toe in the water on next 5 series styling, allowing the company to pre-empt criticism for the more important F10.

  4. Gragop says:

    So it’s the vehicle for people who find sedans, SUVs and wagons inconvenient. Great…coming soon the all-new BMW Panamera!

  5. The Lee says:

    Absolutely. We’re now micro-managing for peoples’ tastes. Soon, from what I’ve heard through my BMW NA sources, they’ll be introducing a teaser video for the new BMW Gragop*. It’s like a sedan, but much more sarcastic. It’s kinda like a GTR**, but in a non-douchey way. It shares some traits with SUVs, but it isn’t roomy enough inside for passengers despite its 271,944′ wheelbase (kinda like a GM SUV).

    Introducing the BMW Gragop*. It’s the BMW you would drive if your name were Andrew.*

    *BMW Gragop is a registered trademark of me.
    **The Nissan GTR is a registered trademark of Nissan, Inc and an overhyped POS marketed towards douchebags with too much money and not enough taste.

  6. rcm3 says:

    It’s not a sedan…and
    It’s not an SUV…or
    a station wagon.

    Something new!??

    I’ve got it: A minivan.


  7. Gil says:

    All comments aside… I like the artistic side of this video. Very clever.

  8. The Lee says:

    I liked the video a lot, too. Didn’t get to hear the audio, but they did a good job on the video itself. I’m just not sold on the concept itself. I think they’re bloating themselves with useless models that are only going to stress their production lines.

  9. Matski says:

    @The Lee: “I think they’re bloating themselves with useless models that are only going to stress their production lines”

    I don’t think excessive load is a problem for any automotive manufacturers production line at the moment!!

  10. The Lee says:

    Profit is, though. Why would you add another vehicle that’s not likely to sell in large numbers (the PAS is absolutely a niche market vehicle) when you could have put most of those same individuals into a vehicle you already have the manufacturing equipment for?

  11. Islam Essam says:

    Amazing style of advertising.

  12. MaxWedge426 says:

    BMW has done some bold advertising before. Does anyone remember an old print ad (from the 70’s or even 60’s) that was one-half page of just one word? It was well over 100 characters. I believe it was describing a hemi head, but have never got a translation. I have been searching for it for a long time. If anyone knows the word, I would appreciate seeing it!

  13. Gragop says:


    BMW is always very clever and sometimes witty in there advertising, but god it must have been hard to do if you know you’re having to pitch a POS.

    Really, all this ad is is a play on the UPS commercials that are bordering on annoying at this point.

  14. Carlos Perez says:

    It makes more sense to me i kind of like the idea now, the only thing that can ruin it its the looks but it sounds good so far

  15. Horatiu B. says:

    I have to hand it to them, they are good at creating hype and coming up with different teasers each time. Think GINA Concept, X1, Expression of Joy, just to name some of the new ones.

  16. Gil says:

    I almost forgot those UPS commercials. lol.

  17. Echo says:

    “Nothing to be seen, smelled, or heard”

    Good for dead bodies or soon to be dead bodies.

  18. Bmwe34 says:

    hopefully it turns out to look cool, hopefully better than the ugly x1. btw, they took the ideo of the trunk from the new skoda superb, but nevermind.

  19. Gord says:

    They mention performance/driving experience much in the video …

  20. Gord says:

    I mean they don’t mention performance/driving experience much in the video. opps.

  21. The Lee says:

    There are VERY few people who would be interested in the PAS and concerned about 0-60 times. They’re more worried about the brand imagine located on the hood and how much it’ll impress their office buddies.

  22. Gord says:

    @The Lee

    So the BMW driver becomes a bus driver then ? :D

  23. Jeff says:

    I would imagine the trunk/hatch is the same or similar to the skoda twindoor:

    In which case, good deal. I think all sedans should have that feature. When I need to carry big objects, it’s nice to have that extra flexibility to maneuver objects. Apparently there’s no loss of structural rigidity in the rear because of the way the crossbar links up to huge circular latches that resist torsion. Good move BMW.

    Everyone used to tease Saabs for sticking with hatchbacks for so long, now everyone wants them. Kind of funny to me. I think the new 9-5 will be a gorgeous car, and with Saab becoming independent, will actually be a real 5-series contender. Don’t start making fun of Saab now in response to this comment, do your research first before you bash them ;-).

  24. Sam says:

    So this is why the 3 series prices are going up, new 3 series buyers are funding wealthy business people who want to have a better view and thereby making it more difficult for 3 series drivers to see through a BMW POS in front of them. Bravo…

  25. Giom says:

    @The Lee: Didn’t get to hear the audio, and you make comments like that! Anyways….

    A lot of you guys sound as if you’re very young -and single or at least without kids. For me -with kids, and loving big cars but disliking station wagons, this sounds like the car I really want. I allready made up an image in my mind of what it will be like, I hope I won’t be dissapointed.

  26. Alex Romania says:

    Great work by BMW! Now let’s see the car already

  27. Horatiu B. says:

    I think we will see the car pretty soon, my prediction is two weeks tops.

  28. Lance says:


  29. Frederik says:

    I couldn’t agree more. If it looks cool, I’m getting one.

    The current 5 series and even the new 7 series have trunks that are quickly filled. (7 series has really narrow trunk because of Integral Active Steering)

  30. Gord says:

    So are actual photos (from BMW) of the PAS going to be leaked ahead of the Geneva Auto Show ?

  31. Horatiu B. says:

    @Gord: A week, two tops. That’s what someone told me 2 days ago :) Same happened to the X1, it was a teaser, then a few days later, the X1 photos

  32. Josh B says:

    everytime something comes up about a 4 seated 4 door car i blow. I totally agree with you and hate HATE that idea! I have said time and again on this forum about the X6 and Merc CLS that they are/will suffer from this configuration. Do what the Bentley GT 4 door does and offer either 4 seats in executive style or 5 bloody seats!!!!!!!NICHE MARKET MY ASS!

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