Talk about interesting news lately. The marketing slogan used for the new BMW Z4 is being transformed into an iPhone application. Artificial Life, Inc. has signed a global exclusive license agreement with BMW to develop the “BMW Z4 An Expression of Joy” application for iPhone and iTouch.

Artificial Life’s production team will produce 3D models and animations of BMW’s new Z4 series and the iPhone’s motion sensors and touch screen will be used in a multi-control game.

thumb iphone bmw
Caption: Not the actual game

Think about virtually driving your new Z4, steering and braking by swiping or multi-touching. The game will also include the dynamic sounds effects recorded from the real BMW models.

“To follow the BMW Z4’s “An Expression of Joy” campaign, players will be able to “draw” using the wheels of their car. They will be able to choose different colors of paint and as they drive the BMW Z4, the tire tracks will create drawings as if they are creating brushstrokes on a canvas.”

Full Article at MSNBC

I look forward to this game and we will contact Artificial Life to jump on the testing pilot.

Thanks for the tip Brookside!