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The global economic crisis combined with the real estate bubble bursting has left BMW Sauber without two of its major sponsors: the computer maker, Dell and Credit Suisse. According to BMWF1Blog, the total combined amount of the sponsorship money lost, is close to 20 million euros, an important number even for a company like BMW.

Comparing the previous monopost to the new F1.09, and you can clearly see lots of advertising space available on the cars. Intel takes the advertising spot hold before by Credit Suisse, on the rear wing.

But Mario Theissen, BMW Sauber boss, is not too worried:

“I have to say we are absolutely safe on the budget side for this year. We are looking for new sponsors; we have two or three spaces available. It might happen before the season, it might happen during the season and I would say it’s business as usual on the sponsoring side.

“When we started at the end of 2005 we got all of the sponsors on board and most of the sponsoring contracts are three-year contracts.”

I love the fact that Mr. Theissen is so confident, but the truth is that none of these companies could find the resources to renew this partnership, so it makes you wonder if other corporations will do the same.

As you recall, 2008 was a great year for the BMW Sauber F1 team, the most productive year since 2006 when BMW took over the team. Every Formula 1 team needs powerful sponsors behind them and we’re hoping that BMW Sauber will find theirs soon.

[Source: BMWF1Blog ]