What if the BMW 135i SuperSport will look like this…

1 Series | January 23rd, 2009 by 41

I know I’m throwing myself to the wolves here, but let’s speculate a little bit. In the photo below, you can see a very speculative rendering of what the the BMW 135i SuperSport might look like. The computer generated image was created by the famous Huckfeldt, at Auto Bild. He is one of the most reliable source for getting information on how vehicles will look like many years in advance.

With that being said, I am pretty sure that his sources gave him some details on which direction BMW will go with their new design, so even thought the final product will not be identical, I wouldn’t be surprised if many design elements from his rendering will be reflected onto the production vehicle.

What do we know about the 135i SuperSport?

We know that BMW will be more adventurous with their new 1 Series, moving away from the “safe design” we see right now. We know that BMW needs to offer a new car for its enthusiasts, something that will replace the so-missed M1. With them moving towards smaller, more efficient cars, it is only wise to develop a super sporty car based on a 1 Series platform.

The 1 Series SuperSport will differentiate from the regular BMW 135i with the Performance Package, by adding upgraded performance parts. The Supersport will be limited to the Coupe body style and it will use lightweight materials, such as Carbon Fiber Roof, hood or bootlid, lightweight glass. Upgraded suspensions and brakes will give the impression and feel of an M car, but without the M badge.

With the current BMW vehicles getting heavier and larger with each generation, BMW is looking into sacrificing certain cabin comfort equipment, with the clear goal of reducing the car’s general weight.

And this brings us to the engine discussion. With the BMW 120i and 135i being considered the ideal candidates for a SuperSport model, then the four-cylinder twin-turbo engine comes back in play. We learned early last year that a 4 cyl twin-turbo engine is in works and BMW is trying to push that engine to its limit. Last I heard, the engine was outputting 240 hp, but we could expect more from the final product.

Obviously, the BMW 135i SuperSports will be powered by a tuned up version of the many times award winning 6 cylinder twin-turbo engine.

Who would BMW target with the SuperSport model?

The BMW 1 Series Coupe is a very popular choice among young enthusiasts migrating from the MINI brand or even from the competitors, such as Mercedes CLC. Young professionals that can’t yet afford an M3 or M5, would fit the demographic. Basically, any BMW fans “falling” into the gap between a 135i Coupe and an M3, would become potential buyers.

Returning to the original question: what if the BMW SuperSports will look like this, will you dig it?

[Photo Source: Autobild ]