Quickies: Detroit Auto Show and Jalopnik’s Mobile Command Center

Auto Shows | January 20th, 2009 by 3
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The Detroit Auto Show will have its doors open for a few more days, so before the end of this show, I would like to …

The Detroit Auto Show will have its doors open for a few more days, so before the end of this show, I would like to share with you some photos of the cars we saw there.

But first, let me start with a unique vehicle used by the funny Jalopnik‘s team. Ray Wert and its team had their own mobile electric car that offered them everything and anything they needed to report live, from the showroom floors, the latest news and photos.

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The Jalopnik vehicle also served them to travel fast between the press conferences, one of the most difficult things to do while at an auto show.

The car is in fact the GEM e2 ,two-passenger vehicle, which is ideal for those short trips you make every day. Its standard six 12-volt flooded electrolyte batteries provide a range of up to 35 miles on a charge and the many vehicle options offer you great.

Equipped with UConnect portable, broadband WiFi network and laptop charging station, the GEM e2 is the dream of any journalist at an Auto Show. All those 20 minutes trips to the Media Center can be eliminated and news could be related in real time.

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I’m a little jealous, I admit, but they deserve it. Maybe one day we’ll get ours as well….

So, what else have we seen at the show? Well, for starters, a new concept from SAAB: 9-X Air.


Then, the amazingly beautiful and perfect, Bentley Azure T, with one of the most luxurious exteriors I have ever seen.


Moving on and we have the new Jaguar XF R, a potential BMW competitor.


Chrysler revealed a huge surprise for their fans: the 200C extended-range electric vehicle.


Subary revealed the Legacy Concept, an interesting but flashy model. Oh..did I mention the asymmetric all-wheel-drive, 3.6 liter, horizontally opposed boxer engine?


Ford brought out the new, redesigned Taurus, built on a platform borrowed from the Lincoln MKS. With features like Ford Park Assist system, Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert, Voice Activated navigation-system, rear-view backup camera and Sony audio system, Ford has a chance to make a comeback and win some customers back.


And of course, I couldn’t finish this article without a muscle-car, the Camaro Black, a vehicle that features a coat paint with a clear coat paint finish plus a Black 30 gloss clear coat for the matte-black accents on the hood. Of course, all the “goodies” coming with a muscle car are included in this package.


P.S This is still my favorite


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  1. BMW sales says:

    I still can’t stand the badging “sDrive” for a roadster….

  2. roffle waffle says:

    that camaro is looking gooood

  3. new cool, i like bmw very much

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