Spy Shots: BMW Progressive Activity Sedan undergoing more testing

Spy Photos | January 17th, 2009 by 5

With the Geneva Auto Show less than two months away, the BMW PAS, short for Progressive Activity Sedan, is undergoing more testing on the beautiful Munich streets. The Geneva Show will offer us the world premiere of one of the most talked and controversial concepts of 2008: PAS or 5 Series GT. So far the initial reactions weren’t very positive, but each time, sources close to BMW reassured us that the new vehicle will be one of a kind, opening a new market segment.

The car was spotted by Christian Wimmer and as expected, the car is still in the previous stages prior to the final evaluation phase where the test mule wears less camo and reveals more details. In these spy shots, the PAS looks quite massive, with a long wheelbase and a pretty tall ride height. 

bmwspy4 498x331

 The BMW Progressive Activity Sedan has quite a road presence and a very sporty look for a crossover. BMW sees the PAS as a sedan alternative for elderly BMW clients who want higher sitting position -but not too high like in a SUV- and more spacious ambient.

Our sources say that the PAS will have rear L-shape lights, following the 7 Series trend. The side shots show the X6ish style, a coupe look but with a lower roof line. The PAS will fit comfortably four people with seats similar to the X6. It is also expected the PAS to have common design elements with the new 7 Series.

bmwspy5 498x331

As far as myself, I am more excited to see the new BMW PAS or 5er GT, as some call it, mostly because it will give us some indication on which direction BMW is going with their future vehicles. The next generation BMW 5 Series will be the most awaited car in 2009 and 2010. 

Thanks for the photos Christian!