Detroit Auto Show offered me the opportunity to see the 2009 BMW 7 Series for the first time in  a darker color. Back in November we were at the L.A Auto Show for the U.S launch of the new 7er, but the vehicles in displayed were both light-colored.

Back in the days of spy photos and official photos release, I kept telling you how much better the 2009 BMW 7 Series looks in a black paint.

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To my surprise, BMW decided to change it up a little bit for the Detroit Show and while they still brought the 7 series Hybrid in the same blueish exterior color, they showed us for the first time the BMW 750i SWB and in a black color.

And I was right, the 7er looks imposing and very very classy in dark colors. If I were to buy one, I’ll definitely want the short wheel base one and in black, por favor.

Photos after the jump

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Oh, not sure if I mentioned already, but the BMW 750i is powered by the same twin-turbo 4.4L V8 that debuted in the X6. The turbo eight is rated at 400 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque.

Enjoy the photos!

Aadrian Van Hooydonk talking about the Night Vision Camera.

Aadrian Van Hooydonk

2009 BMW 750i

2009 BMW 750i