CES 2009: Autoblog testing the FLIR Night Vision Camera in a 6 Series

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As promised, our dear friends at Autoblog made it to the CES 2009 in Vegas and they had a chance to play with FLIR’s Night Vision System installed in a BMW 6 Series. Unfortunately no footage is available at this time, but at least we get to see some un-official photos of this latest technology found in the new BMW 7 Series.

Even though the demo took place indoor only, they were able to test the camera’s ability. But here is what they said:

Showgoers passing in front of the BMW’s heat-sensing camera appeared in nice detail despite the relatively small difference in their temperature and their surroundings. FLIR rep Jay James said the camera can detect a .05 degree difference in temperatures, which translates into many more shades of gray on the monitor. 

The system is tuned to look several yards down the road and so was thrown off by the number of pedestrians within inches of its bumper. But whenever someone walked through its danger zone, the system’s display indicated a pedestrian by outlining that person with a yellow rectangle.

Full Article on Autoblog

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3 responses to “CES 2009: Autoblog testing the FLIR Night Vision Camera in a 6 Series”

  1. Sam says:

    Nice. I have always wanted X-ray vision.

  2. Lance says:

    That is a really bad place to put the camera. Image how many peple would try to steal the camera if it is situated there

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