Rumor: BMW’s future plans

Rumors | January 7th, 2009 by 5

After we posted the BMW 1 Series Concept photos rendered by Giom, many online websites republish them and of course, many comments and opinions were …

After we posted the BMW 1 Series Concept photos rendered by Giom, many online websites republish them and of course, many comments and opinions were shared. One of the opinions lead to the revealing of some BMW’s future plans. 

Even though I entirely trust the person that posted this – he has been right many many times before – I have to keep these information at a “rumor status”. In the upcoming months, I will cross-reference them with other people close to BMW and I will keep you updated along the line.

But for now, let me share with you what Scott has said:

bmw concept 1 series 498x311

For someones interpretation of a future car, it is very good , but as a coincidence, the way the curvature of the lights meet the bonnet is an interesting foresight of the artist of how the new 5er will appear like.

As for the actual car a slight, it will be an evolution of today’s model and unlike today’s model, there is no need for an establishment phase which was required for the 1st generation model. A new market segment for BMW meant a very sleepless period when the car integrated itself into the market.

This generation of upcoming 1 Series models will allow BMW to become more adventurous with the 1 Series line up. Same will apply to the 3dr and 5dr sport hatches. Eighteen months after the launch, we will see Coupe and Cabrio replacements , six months later, we will see a Z2 Roadster and possibly a Z2 Coupe .

The US market wants a sedan but other markets do not, so as a compromise BMW will kill two birds with one stone and offer a Concept based on the Progressive Activity Sedan series (Compact Activity Sedan). Basically it will be a replacement for a conventional sedan and touring.

Although because of its size, many will think of an european “Small” MPV, but it’s more of a wagon with a dramatic sloping roof and not as high as an MPV. An additional two door model – Shooting Brake of the CAV- is also considered.

BMW are recognising that new and upcoming customers would overlook convention for unconventional lifestyle choices. Other ideas on the table include an additional X model, especially an X Cabrio variant. Another idea that has seriously been given much attention is a fully fledged 1 Series model as a full hybrid, only in an unconventional body as part of BMW’s plan to integrate fully fledged mobility solutions into its core product line up.

Understanding the requirement that small cars are progressing to fulfill the needs offered by larger models, is one scenario, enabling BMW to enhance its product line up on the 1 Series platform. Once again, there will not be a BMW model under the 1er.


Very interesting and adventurous plans from BMW, a bit different from the safe and conservative line up they have had for years. Will those plans come through? Are any of these projects going to be cancelled? Anything is possible and I’m sure that no one can predict what the future will bring in the automotive world.

P.S I’m mostly excited about the BMW Z2