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1 Series | January 5th, 2009 by 16
bmw concept 1 series

By now, many of you, that are daily readers on our blog, might know Giom or have seen his name mentioned on here many times. Giom is the talented rendering artist that gave us the 2010 BMW 3 Series renderings and shortly after, the 2012 BMW M6 images.  

For the past 6 months, he has been working on a new project which made me very excited: creating computer generated images of a BMW 1 Series Concept.  I love the fact that for each project he has done for us, Giom took the time to analyze all the small details and current designing trends. He also showed us his progress along the way, so it was nice to see where he started and what the final outcome really is.

With that being said, I will let him explain in his own words the BMW 1 Series Concept: 

bmw concept 1 series 498x311

This concept is pure fictional and based on nothing but imagination. I’m a huge fan of the One Series and I am under no illusions that I can create a better design. Having said that, I’m also not bound by any marketing and technical constraints, so the car pictured here would not and cannot predict the future model.

I’m doing this for fun and fun alone. My thinking towards the next model is that it might look more aggressive and purposeful. The design language will also reflect BMWs current design trends and will therefor be more edgy.

With my design, I tried to create a whole new identity for the One, but at the same time stuck to some typical BMW features.

Some interesting design elements: The headlights are CS Concept inspired but that’s where it ends. There are two parallel lines running from the kidney grill at the front all the way over the roof and ends in the rear hatch number plate indent. Also the two lines running along the side of the car carries on into the front bumper and bends downwards to integrate with the front air intake.

I hope you enjoy this Concept 1-Series as much as I enjoyed creating it.”

More pictures

bmw concept 1 series 4 498x311