BMW 135i Coupe “SuperSports” model to be launched in 2010

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The latest and greatest from BMW: an M1 will not make it to production, BUT  a “SuperSports” model based on the BMW 1 Series Coupe will …

The latest and greatest from BMW: an M1 will not make it to production, BUT  a “SuperSports” model based on the BMW 1 Series Coupe will be launched in 2010. The 135i will be a specific performance addition resulting in the use of lightweight materials, such as a Carbon Fibre Roof and bootlid , loss of certain cabin comforts , upgraded suspension and brakes , lightweight glass , all the creative and performance comforts created for the M variant, but not under full MotorSport badging.

This information comes from someone close to BMW and it was posted originally on Germancarzone. As we mentioned a year ago, eventually there WILL be a four cylinder turbo-engine powering the 1 Series models.

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With the release or the BMW 1er Coupe and the storming top end model the 135i a model that begs the question , what happens next?
With it’s past BMW history design evoking the 2002 and the E21 and E30 3er models surely there is more to be seen.

Although the premiere of the BMW 1er tii at Tokyo in October 2007 brought the question to the forefront again , although the tii was a preview of an upcoming BMW Performance Package specifically for the 1er Coupe.

How can the 135i be improved? With the original decision, there were plans to move forward with an M1 – History aside regarding the original BMW M1 Supercar, but the name M1 was destined to be reinvented to the new M model of the 1er Coupe.

The 6 cylinder engine originally from the E46 M3 and the upgraded engine for the E46 M3 CSL were both improved, tested and evaluated for use in the top of the line M1. Sadly re-engineering the old block with magnesium to reduce weight and provide the 1 Series Coupe with many unique solutions to be a solitary choice amongst small performance cars, did not produce the results the BMW board had specified.

For many, the question on the M3’s position in the lineup regarding an M1 Coupe was also reconsidered, as the 1 Series was to follow it’s 3 Series brother and be the entry M Coupe . The V8 M3 would be positioned further from the E46 M3 like it is positioned today, which is why there is a gap , even though a considerable one from the 135i to M3.

What solution fill the gap?

It is clear that consumers are asking for more from the 1 Series Coupe, which is a very popular choice for young enthusiasts migrating from the MINI brand or dire choices such as the Mercedes CLC .

BMW are aiming for a  back to basics roll out for the current car, beginning with the much talked about four cylinder Turbo charged engine already in development, but not quite as perfected. The four-turbo is pumping out over 240PS and it is still undergoing testing to get the optimum in efficiency, not normally expected for a small performance coupe.

As seen with the advent of the 7 Series F01, BMW have shown how much power can be taken from the existing six cylinder . Originally, it was expected to progress down from the 7 Series to the next BMW Z4 (E89). But BMW have changed their original focus by letting the 7er have all the glory for now.

But the 135i will be one of the first BMW’s to receive the upgraded six cylinder in 2010 together with the next generation BMW 5 Series (F10).

The question of what to do further to take the 1er Coupe to the next level, has resulted in a back to basics formula, which means that a new “SuperSports” model was needed. Limited to the Coupe and only with the 120i (four cylinder turbo) and 135i, the SuperSport model will be a specific performance addition resulting in the use of lightweight materials, such as a Carbon Fibre Roof and bootlid , loss of certain cabin comforts , upgraded suspension and brakes , lightweight glass , basically all the creative and performance comforts created for the M variant, but NOT under full MotorSport badging .

A different body kit will differentiate the SuperSports from the regular BMW Performance Package, and that includes the brakes and additional preformance upgrades .
BMW Performance will be different from the SuperSports series .

The end result is to take a car back to its roots and during times when modernisation, such as comfort equipment and extensive safety requirements, today have only lead to performance cars like this to be considerably larger and heavier compared to original BMW Classics, such as the 2002 turbo and the E30 M3, and are only here in spirit .

Both cars will debut in mid-2010.

21 responses to “BMW 135i Coupe “SuperSports” model to be launched in 2010”

  1. Jordan says:

    I’m very excited to see a 4cyl turbo from BMW. They make great engines so I’m sure it will be no different with this one. Also looking forward to the Direct Injection updated engines and the new 5-series. 2010 will be a great year. Plus, living in Vancouver, we’ve got the Olympics ;)

  2. Gragop says:

    guess I need to start saving up for 2010.

  3. Doug says:

    So what engine are they using for the M1? We have to assume at this point that they’re developing a new 6 cylinder engine to replace the S54 as well as the S65.

  4. Marc says:

    @Doug: The article said they still aren’t making a M1. I for one would rather see the 123d make an appearance over a turbo-charged 120i. The supersport is a cool concept sure BUT if there are not making a full-fledged M-model 1er I don’t really see the whole point of a SuperSport Model. It will be very low-volume IMHO….

  5. Matski says:

    Seems a little confusing to me. They created a gap for an M1 when the M3 got bigger and V8 powered, then decided that they didnt want to make the M1 just in case it was better than the M3, but will take all the kit they developed for the M1 and chuck it on the 120i with new 4cyl turbo, or 135i coupe with revised 6 cyl — instead of using a re-worked version of the old M3 engine… whilst at the same time having a range of performance accessories for the entire range? … none of which will be called ‘M’, and none will wear a Tii badge? … all after the X5M and X6M models are launched … and still no M3 CSL …

    Well, either way, I love the 1er coupe and I’ll be looking forward to the M135i CSL Tii Supersport, or whatever they call it.

  6. bunker says:

    you said it!

  7. Gragop says:


    Look at it this way – there are probably higher profit margins in a 1 Series “Supersport” than there is in a CSL. My guess is BMW probably didn’t make much if anything off of the E46 CSLs. Same reasoning for M-derived X5/X6’s

  8. Matski says:

    @Gragop: Probably right on the profit margins, lthough I recall that one of the things with the E46 CSL was that it gave them a full production test bed for technology (such as Carbon Fibre techniques) that were carried over to more volume cars such as the M6.

    I just think that this article makes it sound as though they are muddying the waters with options, packages and models, I guess we’ll wait and see though, these details are a little sketchy.

  9. reginald nutter says:

    i think they should leave the inline 6 in the 135i and just make about 3000lbs. lbecause i have a light car now its ok but, if u look really what cars are under 3000 lbs the evo x 3500 and subura is 3600 so the the 135i is not that heavy the only car that really that light is the lotus and that not a every day car it bad enough that the 135i is 36,000 if u start missing with frame and doing this and that 45,000 is not going to be that far off. if u start asking for track car bmw will give u one but the price will be high. i like the 135i now because it is not perfect but with a little tlc it can be one of the best cars on th market.

  10. this is by far the most gorgeous eligant and stunning car in the world(135i) everytime i see this car my heart pounds out of my chest i just love it

  11. jack says:

    I think this is a awsome bang for the buck BMW or any car for that matter if BMW doesnt make the M135i that is just plain stupid.The after market parts alone for this car if they make it would be incredible! I saw this car in a picture the first time tonight and told my wife we were going to the BMW DEALER tomorrow to buy it,so I decided to get on the internet to check color & options and I FIND OUT THEY PROBALY WONT MAKE IT WHAT GIVES?

  12. lennardt says:

    yeah! 1series with V8 from M3 would be a monster ;-)

  13. SnowTi says:

    That name is just too close to Chevrolet’s SuperSport (SS). Yuk.

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