BMW X6 Hybrid shows up in Munich

BMW X6 | December 24th, 2008 by 1

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We have been used to seeing the BMW X6 Hybrid around the BMW factory in Spartanburg, but this time, thanks to our friend Simon, we have some new spy shots of the X6 Hybrid parked somewhere in the beautiful Munich. Sporting a very light camouflage, the BMW X6 Hybrid seems to be a production ready model that it’s undergoing some more testing in a urban environment. 

The body style is almost identical to the petrol versions, except the slightly larger M3-style bonnet, a funky feature that has been lightly criticized by some bimmer fans. BMW has also kept the aggressive front-end, probably one of the best features on the regular X6 vehicles. Also, the white paint seems to fit very well the X6 Hybrid and even the bonnet is less obvious.

Of course, the major changes appear under the hood, where a two mode hybrid system will power the X6 Active Hybrid. And did you know that the hybrid system was developed by a consortium formed of BMW, GM, Daimler and Chrysler? Yes yes, the same GM that is being bailout by our government.  

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And what’s so special about the X6 Hybrid? Well, for one, BMW is using a nickel metal hydride battery for the initial applications and unlike the other car manufacturers, the BMW hybrid engine will not be using cylinder deactivation. And second, if our sources are correct, then the BMW X6 Hybrid will feature the Start/Stop technology that we have talked about a few days ago. 

That’s all for now and from what it seems, 2009 will be a great year for us, tons of new models are being released or at least showcased, but we’ll be back with more on that.

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