Nope this isn’t about The Who.

I’ve written for this blog for the last few months and seen it grow tremendously in just that short of a span of time. I’m sure Horatiu is very proud to see so many regular readers and commenters on most of the posts. As such I thought it would be interesting to learn more about our readers as they’re the heart and soul of an enthusiasts site. I wanted to know what everyone drives, how diversified are the vehicles of our readers? How’d you get into BMW’s?

I’ll go first: I got into BMW’s as a kid as I grew up around them. My grandparents had an E32 740iL and then 2 E38 740iL’s before switching over to the E65, my uncle went through a number of 5 Series before settling on an E39 M5 so I became familar with BMW’s a very young age. After all of that exposure, I picked up my first BMW on May 8, 2002. It was 325i in Orient Blue with the Sports Package, Premium Package, Harmon Kardon sound system, Xenons, and, unfortunately, Steptronic. During the summer of 2003 I was driving back home from Asheville, North Carolina and went bombing down the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It was at that point I realized how much I loved BMW’s and was lucky enough to pick up another E46 in April 2005 – a Silver Gray 325Ci with Sport, Premium, Xenons and the best part: the 5-speed manual. I’ve included a picture, the quality isn’t great as I was playing with Dad’s SLR camera to see if I liked it or not but you get the jist.

andrews pics 007 1600x1200 498x331

Anyway, what about you guys? How’d you get into the Ultimate Driving Machines? What are you rolling in? I wanna hear it, regardless the year or model, whether it be an E36 318ti or Isetta, 2002 or E32. Let us know!